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Eco Kids: More Than A Mother Blog Collaborations

Eco Chic Cayman is delighted to collaborate with Anne-Marie Diaz, founder of  More The A Mother blog.  My dear friend Anne-Marie is a new mom and creative extraordinaire.  Together we will be teaming up to share articles that incorporate sustainability and creative projects into the home and family life.  Stay-tuned for our upcoming collaborative posts. Sneak Peek: Our first post will focus on ways the family can celebrate Earth Hour.

Meet Artsee Annie!


Anne-Marie Diaz is a Mother, Wife, Artist, Therapist and Blogger.  New to the world of blogging, Anne-Marie started her blog More Than A Mother in 2017.  The inspiration behind the name, “I’m confident in saying that I’m a mom, which is enough as it’s the most important job in this world. I’m also ‘more than’ a mom. You are ‘more than’ you think you are too!” says, Anne-Marie.  Her blog shares her journey as a new mom along with an incredible resource offering parenting tips, art therapy, and creative projects. Anne-Marie’s background is as both an artist and trained Art Psychotherapist.

“As a therapist, I’ve worked with children, adolescents and adults in both inpatient and outpatient clinical and community settings who present with a range of special needs, medical and mental illness. As part of a national employment programme, I instructed unemployed young people and mothers on the best methods to get and maintain jobs, as well as coached and encouraged them in how to be the best versions of themselves.” – Anne-Marie Diaz

Anne-Marie’s background in Art Therapy and working with both mothers, children and young adults is the foundation she has built her parenting blog upon.  Her compassion and positive light is an inspiration. Anne-Marie is an avid member of the Cayman Islands Down Syndrome Committee contributing to raising awareness about this important cause.  Her passion to advocate for the rights of those with special needs is driven by her tremendous love for her brother Sean, who has Down Syndrome. In support of raising awareness about Down Syndrome, Anne-Marie made her directorial debut with the local documentary Changing Perspectives.  Her hope for the film was “raising awareness and championing for the rights for our differently-abled people.”

As a new parent, Anne-Marie has a revitalised perspective on the importance of preservation. Naturally, wanting a protected planet for her young son’s future, she also understands the need to teach him the importance of his role in supporting global conservation efforts. She recently narrated and assisted with editing and producing National Trust’s documentary feature film, ‘Protecting Paradise’. Her filmmaker husband, Freddy Diaz, directed and edited the remarkable local film. In order to view and purchase your own copy, you can contact National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

Photo Credit: Lori Speirs