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7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour

Eco Chic Cayman is proud to team up with More Than A Mother blog to collaborate on fun ways to celebrate Earth Hour at home with friends and family.   Earth Hour takes place on Saturday, 24 March, from 8:30pm-9:30pm worldwide.  This Earth Hour, take time to reconnect with nature.  Remind yourself how beautiful this planet is.    

Earth Hour is a global celebration that draws attention to important environmental issues.  It is an event organized by the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness about climate change.  The first Earth Hour, was held in Sydney, Australia. It is a symbolic lights out event taking place on Saturday, 24th March at 8:30pm-9:30pm.  During that hour, lights are turned off around the globe, including national iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building in solidarity to raise awareness about climate change.  Everybody can take part in this event.  The heart of the event is committing to turn off lights for one hour.  If you are celebrating at home, consider turning off unnecessary lights.  Earth Hour is a great event for the whole family to get involved in doing their part to raise awareness about environmental issues and spend quality family time. Get creative and have fun celebrating Earth Hour!

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Earth Hour with Friends & Family

More Than A Mother Blog and Eco Chic Cayman has got your upcoming Earth Hour Family Party (super fun for just adults too) covered with these activity ideas:


  • Before you turn your lights off, be sure to have some battery powered candles placed around the house as a safety precaution. Place them in mason jars or decorative dishes to add to the ambience. Alternatively stick bundles of glow sticks in jars and place around the house for a more festive vibe.
  • Gather all necessary materials and place in appropriate stations. Set your party areas for the below activities so there is plenty of space and enough light for safety.


1. Driveway Welcome

Depending on their age or ability, your kids can create a welcome sign for visitors to your home with a chalk design on the driveway. It’ll provide them with the opportunity to think creatively about how they want to represent their family and the message they want others to know. This should encourage their understanding that saving the planet (home to everyone) is an important topic to them and your entire family.

2. Earth Warriors

Get dressed up for your event by making your own upcycled fashion and/or become earth warriors for the night with glow in the dark makeup.  

3. Glow in the Dark sticks Dance Party

Go retro and use an old battery operated boom box and play your favourite 80s mix tape. Starting off with ‘Earth Song’ might set the right vibe. Use glow sticks as fun jewelry that will also aide with spatial awareness.

4. Glow in the Dark Art

Design a protection poster with glow in the dark markers or mural a wall with glow in the dark paint as a fun reminder of your super fun party and your protection promise.  

5. Family Tales Activity Printable

Download our Family Tales Activity Sheet. Time each player for an added challenge and have fun reading the final funny story that your family creates together.

6. Game Night by Candlelight

Friends and family get ready for a lights out game night! Light some candles in jars and pull out your board games, puzzles, jenga, twister and taboo cards.

7. Stargazing

One of the simplest ways to celebrate Earth Hour, is spending it outside stargazing from the comfort of your own home.  It is a wonderful way to connect with nature and remind ourselves how beautiful our planet is. As a family, you can set-up camp outside, with some blankets and pillows while identifying various constellations.


Collaborative post with Anne-Marie Diaz. We look forward to our future collaborations with Anne-Marie, founder of More Than A Mother blog.

Photo Credit: Earth Hour (Photo) World Wildlife Fund/Earth Hour

Earth Chalk Drawing: Google/Shutterstock

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