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Top 5 Reasons To Love The Ocean

Today is World Water Day, and in honor of that we are dedicating this post to showing some love for the ocean.  Our oceans are an incredible natural resource, one that we cannot take for granted.  We need healthy oceans to ensure our survival just as much as for the survival of the life that thrives in the ocean.  Major threats against our oceans include: plastic pollution that causes harm to marine life and coral reefs, climate change, rising ocean temperatures, icecaps melting, ocean acidification and coral bleaching, just to name a few.  Our oceans are invaluable as are the marine life and coral reefs that call the ocean home.  We can all do our part to contribute to helping protect our oceans.  Even committing to a simple act of taking part in beach cleanups regularly, removing plastic from beaches and the ocean will have a positive impact.  Other simple acts to show our love for the ocean include, wearing ocean-friendly sunscreen, being mindful of coral reefs (don’t touch them), and respect marine life.   There is probably a million and one reasons to love the ocean.  After all it is one of the most magical places on this planet.  Below the surface is a spectacular world all of its own.  A wondrous underwater world that is time well spent exploring.  Perhaps, the greatest reason of all to love our oceans is the fact that our oceans are the very heart of this planet.  The oceans are our greatest life-support system. Our oceans give so much.  The least we can do is give a little love back by protecting and respecting the ocean.

5 Reasons to love the ocean

1. It is an incredible natural resource

The ocean spans over 70 percent of our planet’s surface.  We are a blue planet.  Water is life, water is everything.

2.  It gives us the air we breathe

Every second breathe we take comes from the ocean.  Phytoplankton produces oxygen that enters our atmosphere.

3. It is place many call home.

There is an estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface.

4. Coral Reefs are considered to be equivalent to an underwater rainforest.

Reefs are incredibly biodiverse ecosystems.  They provide habitats and a food source for an array of marine life.

5.  It is heaven on earth

The ocean is heaven on earth.  For many, it is considered to be a sanctuary.  Never underestimate the healing benefits of swimming in the ocean.  The ocean has this unique ability to relax your mind and allow you to be fully present in the moment, letting all your worries fade away.  It has the power to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Moreover, the underwater world is an enchanting place to explore.

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