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Beauty With A Purpose: Protecting The Environment

Miss World Cayman Islands founder Pamela Ebanks-Small, is proud to announce that Miss World Cayman Islands will be using their pageant as a platform to raise awareness for environmental issues and conservation in the Cayman Islands.  The heart of the international Miss World pageant is ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’  This is a major component for contestants, who are encouraged to bring attention to causes that are important to them.  The theme of the environment stems from the growing awareness of environmental issues our island faces, and the importance of educating both the youth and our local community of the invaluable natural resources our island is blessed with.  For instance, Cayman’s Blue Iguanas, our precious marine ecosystems and coral reefs.  Keeping with their focus on the environment, Miss World Cayman Islands is taking measures to make the night of the pageant a sustainable event as much as possible.  Join them on 8th September 2018, to see this come to life. 

Behind the Scenes: Miss World Cayman Islands

Wondering what to expect? Topical environmental issues that are under consideration for the Beauty with a Purpose segment include: protecting coral reefs, sharks, and plastic ocean pollution.  Each contestant will focus on a different environmental topic.  They will undergo researching the topic and then present on what they have learned.  The heart of Beauty with a Purpose is to teach each contestant that they each have the capability to make a positive impact within their local community and abroad by being a voice for a cause that is important to them.  

Take the Stage at Miss World Cayman Islands 

Miss World Cayman Islands is seeking contestants.  To learn more about Miss World Cayman Islands and to register as a contestant please email:  Or visit their website to download an application form at 

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