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Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Flavours In A Tea Cup

Christmas and the perfect cup of tea goes hand in hand.  Some of the best holiday moments are simple ones— when friends and family come together.  Tea Time in Cayman has premium loose leaf tea available at local tea and coffee hotspots, supermarkets and online.  Their range of loose leaf tea comes in a variety of 36 flavours.  Never underestimate the power of tea— filled with so many health benefits and antioxidants.  During the holiday season, things can get a little bit hectic and sometimes a little bit crazy.  Don’t worry, you won’t crack under pressure with a cup of tea nearby. Tea is well known for helping to reduce stress and help calm one’s mind.  Get ready to bring out your holiday tea set and serve up your friends, family and guests some deliciously festive flavours.  Today, we are sharing our holiday favourite flavours by Tea Time in Cayman.  PS- As part of our Eco Conscious Holiday Gift Guide, we thought these teas make a great gift for the hostess, guests visiting for the holidays and the tea lover. 

Holiday Tea Collection: Tea Time in Cayman

Christmas in Cayman, Fresh Peppermint, Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate Mint, Caramelicious,  Oh Natural – Peppermint, and One 345 Taste of Swanky.  A delightful collection of flavours that capture the essence of the holidays.  

Christmas in Cayman: When it’s finally December and that Christmas Breeze (salty sea breeze) rolls in, you know the holidays are just around the corner.  Swirling with cinnamon and spice, this therapeutic herbal tea is based on a classic, Ayurvedic formula to promote longevity, stamina, balance. 

Oh Natural – Peppermint: A classic holiday flavour, good old fashioned peppermint. After eating a holiday feast, a nice cup of peppermint tea is the best thing ever.  Benefits of pure peppermint tea is said to relax the muscles, ease nausea, headaches and even alleviate bad breath!

Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate Mint: Chocolate and Mint are two must haves during the holidays. This tea is perfect for chocolate lovers.  It also has red tea, rooibos contains exceptionally high levels of flavonoids, which act as antioxidants.  As the name suggests, you don’t have to feel guilty drinking this chocolate flavoured tea. 

Caramelicious: A rich taste of caramel, it doesn’t get any better than this.  It is a lovely tea to serve guests during dessert at your holiday dinner party.  Oolong is known for its many incredible health benefits including boosting your metabolism to help burn fat faster.

Fresh Peppermint: The classic peppermint tea with a boost of green tea.  Perfect to give your metabolism a boost and help relieve heartburn, stomach pain or nausea.  

One 345 Taste of Swanky: A Cayman holiday tradition is a glass of Swanky.  The true definition of “Swanky” is imposingly fashionable and elegant; however, most locals would know this as a traditional Caymanian drink made with Seville oranges and brown sugar. This tea was inspired by the “Swanky Kitchen Band.”

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