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Sage Larock: Sustainable Swimwear Re-Releasing The Chateau Swimsuit

Sage Larock is Re-Releasing their sustainably made Chateau Swimsuit on 15th November (America’s National Recycling Day) to raise awareness about ocean pollution and ghost nets.  The ethos of Sage Larock is to redefine and redesign fashion to be sustainably and ethically made for the betterment of our environment.  Their commitment to ocean conservation is the driving force behind inspiring their swimsuit collections.  Sage Larock uses sustainable fashion as a platform to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis and the impact it is having on our oceans.  Plastic impacts nearly 700 species in our ocean, ranging from plankton to whales.  Seabirds and sea turtles often mistake plastic for food which can result in dire consequences.  Plastic has been found in more than 60% of all seabirds and in 100% of sea turtles species (Ocean Conservancy).  Even coral reefs are affected by plastic.  When plastic debris becomes entangled on coral it starves corals of vital oxygen and light, and releases toxins enabling bacteria and viruses to invade  (UN Environment Program).  Furthermore, ghost nets are also a major problem endangering marine life and coral reefs.  These lost and abandoned fishing nets floating around the ocean can easily become entangled on coral reefs or marine life resulting in negative and sometimes fatal consequences.  Thus, knowing the magnitude of the impact plastic has on our oceans should be the driving force for everyone to make more conscious decisions about our consumption and sustainable practices.  We can all make positive changes in our lifestyle such as quitting single-use plastic, like plastic straws, to help be part of the solution.   

On a personal note, I am thrilled that Sage Larock will be re-launching The Chateau swimsuit.  It was the first swimsuit I received from Sage Larock.  This swimsuit is a significant part of where my journey began as a brand ambassador for Sage Larock as I became more conscious of sustainable fashion and the positive impact it has on the environment.  I began to learn more about how clothes could be made in a sustainable way using recycled plastic and ghost nets.  I became more aware of the magnitude of the impact plastic pollution was having on our oceans and that sustainable fashion could be part of the solution.  The Chateau is a timeless swimsuit and my favorite from the Sage Larock collection.  Beyond that, it serves as a statement piece raising awareness for protecting our oceans from ghost nets and plastic pollution.  Sage Larock, has found a way to make something beautiful and meaningful out of recycled plastic.  Through sustainable fashion, Sage Larock is helping to provide a solution to ocean plastic pollution.  I am proud to be a brand ambassador for Sage Larock and join them on their mission to educate others about sustainable fashion practices that work towards helping remove plastic pollution and ghost nets from our oceans and transforming recycled plastic into new materials to create clothing.  At the heart of Sage Larock is raising ocean awareness and supporting ocean conservation. 

Q&A with Taryn Larock, Founder of Sage Larock

1. What is the significance of re-releasing the classic Black Chateau Swimsuit? 

The Chateau in black has always been our best seller and it is a classic black piece that can easily be worn from season to season or as a bodysuit.  It is pretty much our version of the little black dress! We believe that part of being sustainable is also making garments that are high quality and that can be worn year after year, so we feel the Chateau in black embodies this. We chose November 15th to re-launch the suit as it is world recycling day, so we felt this was meaningful that we were re-launching our most versatile popular style, which is made of recycled fishing gear from the ocean. I personally kept the very 1st black Chateau we made almost 3 years ago, and although I wear it at least 2x a week to the beach or as a bodysuit, it is still looks great and can be worn so many ways.

2. Do you find inspiration going back to your roots, where it all began designing sustainable swimwear? 

Like you, and probably so many of your readers, I have always been most at home near or in the ocean, so this is where I always draw inspiration from. The Sage Larock swim collection is really a tribute of love & respect to the ocean.

3. What is the breakdown of all the recycled material that is used to make the swimsuit?

The fabric we use is 78% recycled nylon, which comes from upcycled fishing nets. This is so important because our oceans are literally being destroyed by commercial fishing and nets, and also because virgin polyester is the least sustainable fabric on the planet and is plastic. The remaining 22% is elastic, which is needed for stretch in performance fabric and this is made from rubber. Our fabrics are also certified to be made with non-toxic dyes & without heavy metals, which is very different that the way polyester is made.

4. What impact do you hope to make through your sustainable swimwear? 

We hope to raise awareness about and help provide a solution to the plastic pollution crisis, specifically the 640,000+ tons of plastic nets that enter our oceans each year [40% of plastic in the ocean is commercial fishing gear] and that create mile long death traps that kill millions of marine animals annually, wipe out coral beds and breakdown into toxic microplastic particles. This 640,000 tons of nets is equivalent to almost 2x the weight of the Empire State Building, so its really a huge quantity.

We simultaneously work to provide women with high quality, stylish swimwear & apparel that is sustainable, ethically made & free of toxic chemicals.

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