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Waste pollution is an increasing environmental issue. One look at “Mount Trashmore” and it is clearly evident that waste management and recycling needs to be a top priority. We cannot afford to allow massive amounts of trash to continue piling up in a landfill or constantly find litter along our beaches, in our oceans impacting both local wildlife and our environment.

There are local companies which are stepping up to help create a greener future for the Cayman Islands. Specifically, these companies are incorporating ways to help promote sustainability and recycling to help reduce their use of plastic and overall waste. It is encouraging to know that local companies are working together with our community to help bring attention to this important issue and come together to help create positive solutions to reducing the use of plastic and waste.

Q&A with Caybrew

Does your company have an existing recycling program? If so what products and materials are recycled?

Yes, we do. We recycle 40% of our bottles so far we are also recycling our cans as well as our boxes.

How would you describe the impact of waste/pollution in the Cayman Islands?

The impact of waste pollution in the Cayman Islands is pretty dominate where you can see it in day to day lives. We at Cayman’s Brewery believe that recycling can happen through more awareness through the public companies and local businesses.

What suggestion do you have to help fight the waste problem here in Cayman?

My suggestions that we have at the Cayman Islands Brewery to fight waste management is to have more accountability from all the public community and government working together for a better future for Cayman.

How is your company making changes to becoming more sustainable? What are your Goals?

The Cayman Islands Brewery has become more sustainable in the essence of we’ve started our nitrogen plant to reduce the Co2 we bring onto the island. We produce water by having our own plant here as well by 30%. We are also reducing our current footprint by introducing solar. So, Cayman Island’s Brewery is officially going to be fully solar operated soon.

What message does your company have to the Cayman public regarding waste management?

Cayman Islands Brewery would like to appeal to the public to hop on board with us and make as much effort in their daily recycling as we are in our day to day recycling. And we have one simple saying for all that, “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle”