Consumed: Coca Cola

Waste pollution is an increasing environmental issue. One look at “Mount Trashmore” and it is clearly evident that waste management and recycling needs to be a top priority. We cannot afford to allow massive amounts of trash to continue piling up in a landfill or constantly find litter along our beaches, in our oceans impacting both local wildlife and our environment.

There are local companies which are stepping up to help create a greener future for the Cayman Islands. Specifically, these companies are incorporating ways to help promote sustainability and recycling to help reduce their use of plastic and overall waste. It is encouraging to know that local companies are working together with our community to help bring attention to this important issue and come together to help create positive solutions to reducing the use of plastic and waste.

Q&A with Coca Cola

Does your company have an existing recycling program? If so what products and materials are recycled?

In 2019 Tortuga took over the Coca Cola brand. Ever since then we have been steadfast on all the initiatives within the company. One of them being a 2019 recycling committee. We went out supporting the community. Just last week with World Day we went around offering products and resources to all the members in the community. Offering clean products to drink. Under the sun its super hot. So, just finding a way to help them out that way and just push forward and reinforce the idea this is something we should focus on. Especially, now more than ever.

How would you describe the impact of waste/pollution in the Cayman Islands?

Waste pollution in the Cayman Islands is a major concern. Just driving past the dump on your way to work in the morning. First thing you see is “Mount Trashmore”. It’s not a fun look for anyone. There’s a lot of ways we can push that and help make that better. By just taking the necessary steps to recycle more, reduce, reuse. You know the old cliche. Find ways to offer some your products that are wasteful, offer them to people in need that could use them for better things.

What suggestion do you have to help fight the waste problem here in Cayman?

As I mentioned before waste is a major, major issue in Cayman. Individually we can do many basic things. Reduce and recycling. Limiting our purchasing of plastic, things like that. But as a community we can come together and really put together initiatives, even come up with facilities where we can have these things funneled into certain areas that we can manage them better give them to the right people. Like I mentioned before. We’re stronger together and that’s the best way we can go about it.

How is your company making changes to becoming more sustainable? What are your Goals?

Like I mentioned before Tortuga is steadfast on making a positive impact in the Cayman community. In regards to recycling specifically the Coca Cola brand is pushing out branded recycling bins. That’s something we’re really working hard on doing. Just reinforcing to the community to be more cognizant of these things. Pushing recycling more and more. Helping out the communities like I mentioned before on the island World Day just happened recently we want to make sure we’re continuously pushing these people forward in the community to help out and reduce, reuse and recycle.

What message does your company have to the Cayman public regarding waste management?

You know on top of everything we have already mentioned in terms of helping out other communities, pushing forward you know we realize together we can do this the right way. As a company you know we realize that as well. You know we are stronger together as mentioned before. You know we are asking you for your support, anything that you can offer you know Tortuga is listening. We’re here for you. We’re here for the Cayman Islands.