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Sustainable Goals Challenge 2021

Earlier this year, my friend Hannah Reid (check out her blog here) nominated me to take part in the Climate Challenge 2021. I took some time to think about my goals for this year and how I could be realistic about achieving them.  

Here are my sustainable goals for the Climate Challenge 2021:  

1. More sustainable fashion. Lately, I have been shopping up a storm online. I have a personal rule, that if I do buy clothing online or in stores locally then I donate clothing to local thrift stores. However, I could do more, by simply reducing my online shopping to fewer occasions to none. I do make every effort to support sustainable fashion brands whenever possible. Truth is, I don’t really need anything new. I plan on purging a bunch of clothing from my existing wardrobe.  

2. Less takeaway lunches and dinner. It really hit me the other day all the packaging from ordering in dinner for Family Dinner Night or ordering in lunch on long days at work. So, now I would like to reduce the amount of ordering in food for lunch and dinner to a couple of times a month rather than weekly. 

I nominate the following to take part and share their sustainable goals for 2021 Taryn Sage Sangeeta Laudus
(My sign says ‘Sustainable Goals 2021’)