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International Women’s Day: Girl Power Cayman Visit The Blue Iguanas

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I am sharing a recent private tour of the Blue Iguana Conservation Facility with Girl Power Cayman and Miss World Cayman Islands. Both Miss World Cayman Islands and Girl Power Cayman share a passion for raising awareness about the environment and supporting our community.  On a personal note, it has been such a privilege working with these wonderful organizations.  I am constantly inspired by this strong group of women.  I am thankful for the amazing friendship and sisterhood we all share.  I am so proud of Girl Power Cayman’s enthusiasm and interest in learning more about conservation and ways to help protect our environment.   As previously mentioned, Jaci Patrick, Miss World Cayman Islands 2019 and Girl Power Cayman recently visited the Blue Iguana Conservation Facility located at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.  We had an incredible guided tour learning fascinating facts about Cayman’s endangered Blue Iguana, which is endemic to Grand Cayman.  The girls were able to ask questions and get an exclusive behind the scenes look …

Exclusive: Celebrating the Blue Iguanas

Photo Credit: Doug Bell   I am pleased to share with you some bonus content and footage!  A huge thank you to Daybreak for helping raise awareness for the Blue Iguanas and the Blue Iguana Recovery Program on World Wildlife Day! Click here to watch my interview on Daybreak with Edlyn Ruiz.  We are on location at the Queen Elizabeth II’s Botanic Park joined by Karen Forbes and Alberto Estevanovich sharing why Cayman’s endemic blue iguanas are so special. A huge thanks to everyone!   Happy World Wildlife Day!

The Revival of The Blue Iguanas

                                            Photo Credit: Doug Bell The United Nations General Assembly designated 3rd March as World Wildlife Day, to celebrate the world’s wild fauna and flora (United Nations). In honor of World Wildlife Day, I would like to dedicate this post to raise awareness for the Blue Iguanas, a national beauty and icon of the Cayman Islands. The Blue Iguana Recovery Program, is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the Blue Iguanas. The once critically endangered species, is beginning to thrive in the wild once again. There was a time when we almost lost our beloved Blue Iguanas, thankfully they are moving out of danger from becoming extinct. Currently, the population of Blue Iguanas has reached over 900, showing promise of reaching a target goal of a population of 1,000 Blue Iguanas. The care and dedication of staff members of the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, along with the success of captive breeding has contributed …