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Paper or Plastic?

Today, I came across this interesting Ted Talk “Leyla Acaroglu: Paper or Plastic? Debunking An Environmental Myth”.  It’s a short but sweet post.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Overall, the best option is a reusable bag. Quick Fact: Paper can only be recycled 5 times     Enjoy! with love from one tree hugger to another, xo

Eco Art: Repurposing Cayman Logwood Into Exquisite Art Pieces

For everyone who loves local artwork which showcases the essence of Caymanian Heritage then you need to check out Cayman Logwood Products! As some of you may remember way back in the olden days Cayman Logwood was once a prime export for dye from the Cayman Islands.  Today, Cayman Logwood has evolved into a source for  producing exquisite art pieces.  The beautiful logwood is crafted by local artists into exclusive pieces of art, which are symbolic of the roots of Caymanian Heritage.  Owning a  Cayman Logwood art piece allows you to hold onto a piece of Cayman’s History which  transcends into the modern art world.  It will make an exceptional conversational piece in your home decor. Cayman Logwood products are not only aesthetically captivating, they are also eco friendly.  Only fallen Logwood trees are harvested, and repurposed into the handcrafted artwork.  Thus, there is a renewable local wood supply available for the manufacturing of Cayman Logwood products. If you love art and the environment then please support Cayman Logwood Products. Each piece is as collectible …

With love from one tree hugger to another xo….Happy Earth Day 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day Weekend! I love Earth Day! I hope everyone around the world will feel inspired to help make a difference in the world.  There is so much we can do to help save our planet.  Little things like choosing to recycle, reuse, and reduce will help make an impact.  We can do more, I encourage everyone today to help replenish the planet by planting a tree or some flowers today. I spent this morning doing just that 🙂 Alternatively, join your community in a beach clean up.   This quote speaks volumes.   Enjoy Earth Day! Give some love to the planet.  Have a beautiful day!   With love from one planet lover to another xo P.S.- Some great documentaries to watch with friends and family today. Trashed The 11th Hour

A Tree Huggers Bicycle

  For all you Tree Huggers, here is a neat way to repurpose an old bicycle which you don’t use anymore, and can’t bear to part with. 1. Give it a makeover.  Paint your bicycle a fun color. 2. Attach a basket to your bicycle if one doesn’t come with your bike already. 3. Place a plant, herbs or flowers inside the basket and ta-da you have repurposed your bicycle into a mobile garden, or at least you now have an eco chic art piece added to your garden. Alternatively, instead of placing a plant inside the basket you can repurpose the bicycle into a trendy art piece bird feeder.  Place a bowl inside the basket filled with bird food and before you know it birds will be flocking to your eco chic bike. with love from one tree hugger to another xo

International Forest Day

Today is International Forest Day!  Forests are unfortunately declining at such a rapid rate.  Today only 7% of the Atlantic Rainforest remains, and only 28% of Indonesia’s Rainforest remains.  We may not have a forest in Cayman, but it is still important that we do our best to preserve our precious environment.  Every time someone builds a house or an apartment complex, or any other building for that matter, trees are cut down, as the land is cleared.  Therefore, it is important to replace what was lost, and plant new trees and incorporate as many trees and flowers into the landscape as possible.  When trees are cut down either in forests or developing areas, animals are losing a part of their natural habitat, so it is imperative that we strive to keep as much of our natural landscape intact. How can we celebrate International Forest Day…. Plant trees! Go out and buy some seeds and plant some trees in your backyard.  Take some time and add more flowers and trees to your garden, a beautiful …