A Tree Huggers Bicycle

Red Bicycle 

For all you Tree Huggers, here is a neat way to repurpose an old bicycle which you don’t use anymore, and can’t bear to part with.

1. Give it a makeover.  Paint your bicycle a fun color.

2. Attach a basket to your bicycle if one doesn’t come with your bike already.

3. Place a plant, herbs or flowers inside the basket and ta-da you have repurposed your bicycle into a mobile garden, or at least you now have an eco chic art piece added to your garden.

Alternatively, instead of placing a plant inside the basket you can repurpose the bicycle into a trendy art piece bird feeder.  Place a bowl inside the basket filled with bird food and before you know it birds will be flocking to your eco chic bike.

with love from one tree hugger to another xo

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