Improving the lives of others by donating old eyeglasses

recycle eyeglasses

Compassion is always in fashion, one way to be eco chic and help other’s is by donating an old pair of eyeglasses.  You can donate your used eyeglasses which you no longer use to the Cayman Islands Lion’s Club (Not in Cayman check your local Lion’s Club organization).  The Lion’s Club International has an amazing program whereby they collect old and used eyeglasses and recycle them by distributing them to those in need in developing countries.

Fact: Over 4 million pairs of eyeglasses are thrown away each year in North America.

Be eco chic and donate your used eyeglasses instead of tossing them in the trash.  There is someone in the world who would greatly appreciate a pair of eyeglasses and would benefit from your act of kindness.