Eco Chic Flowers

Close-up View of Orange Tulips

Eco Friendly Bouquet Options

1. Fresh Flowers in general comes to mind at the top of the eco-friendly flower list, but remember fresh flowers rack up a high carbon footprint because of deliveries, and even packaging materials and waste.  Imported flowers have a high carbon footprint as well. Supporting locally grown flowers, is a great choice as it promotes sustainability.  Personally, the greenest option is stopping and smelling the roses in your garden.  Flowers look most beautiful flourishing in a garden.  If you do buy fresh flowers limit how often you buy them.  When their moment has faded and it’s time to empty out the vase, repurpose the flowers as compost.

2. Potted Plants/Flowers Decorate your home with an arrangement of flowers that grow in your backyard.  Instead of a vase full of gorgeous flowers bought from a shop that will only last about a week, choose a trendy or funky plant pot -maybe one you have painted and designed as a summer project- with natural flowers blooming.  Plant some seeds and grow your own flowers.


3. Silk Flowers

If some of your favorite flowers can’t be found locally, and you just love to buy them, then consider choosing silk flowers which replicate your favorite flowers.  For the most part, it is becoming increasing harder to distinguish the fake from the real.  How are silk flowers eco chic? They last for up to 7 years and can be reused numerous times.  You can buy a selection of silk flowers and change the arrangement over time to keep it looking fresh.  Bonus silk flowers have a smaller carbon footprint than fresh flowers.