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Eco Pets: Repurposed Umbrella as raincoat


Photo Credit: Recycling Zychal

Today I came across this amazing website  where you can purchase a custom made raincoat for your dog, made from a recycled/repurposed umbrella! There are other fabulous products, all made from recycled umbrellas. The products are eco-friendly and custom made, how great is that!  Bonus, these eco friendly products are made for animals.  You can also donate broken umbrella’s so that they can be recycled and repurposed.  It’s really inspiring to see that there are so many wonderful creative people in the world doing their part to better the environment and help animals.  Recycling Zychal donates a portion of the proceeds to animal helping organizations as well as initiating umbrella drives to help clean up the streets after storms.  Love it!

from one animal lover to another xo

P.S. Check out their blog: