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Eco Art: Repurposing Cayman Logwood Into Exquisite Art Pieces


For everyone who loves local artwork which showcases the essence of Caymanian Heritage then you need to check out Cayman Logwood Products! As some of you may remember way back in the olden days Cayman Logwood was once a prime export for dye from the Cayman Islands.  Today, Cayman Logwood has evolved into a source for  producing exquisite art pieces.  The beautiful logwood is crafted by local artists into exclusive pieces of art, which are symbolic of the roots of Caymanian Heritage.  Owning a  Cayman Logwood art piece allows you to hold onto a piece of Cayman’s History which  transcends into the modern art world.  It will make an exceptional conversational piece in your home decor.

Cayman Logwood products are not only aesthetically captivating, they are also eco friendly.  Only fallen Logwood trees are harvested, and repurposed into the handcrafted artwork.  Thus, there is a renewable local wood supply available for the manufacturing of Cayman Logwood products.

If you love art and the environment then please support Cayman Logwood Products. Each piece is as collectible as each piece is one of a kind with a unique number and the year along with the Cayman Logwood Products logo branded on the bottom of each piece.  Cayman Logwood Products are available for retail at Pure Art on North Church Street and also at the Ritz gift shop The Cupboard.

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