World Rhino Day 2013…


Today is World Rhino Day!  These incredible animals are sadly being poached for their horns, based on the mistaken belief that their horn can be used as a form of medicine to cure cancer.  The population of Rhinos has drastically depleted.  For example, the current population of Black Rhinos as of February 2013, there are about 4,880. (World Wildlife Fund).  There are 5 species of Rhinos, and they are all critically endangered.  It is imperative that we work together to make every effort to save these amazing animals.  One reason that it is important to help protect Rhinos is that by helping protect them other animals such as “elephants, buffalo and small game” are also protected (World Wildlife Fund).

Please help spread awareness and educate others about the Rhinos and the critical state that they are in.  We cannot afford to lose these incredible animals.  They deserve better, we need to fight for them, and help save the Rhinos.  Help stop the illegal trade of the Rhino Horn.

Check out this video to learn more about  Rhinos by World Wildlife Fund 


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