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North Pole Breakfast & NYE Brunch Edition


The North Pole Breakfast!  One of my besties told me about this.  On the morning of Christmas Day for family brunch I thought I would give it a whirl.  My version of a North Pole Breakfast was chocolate and marshmallow pancakes, covered in powered sugar with glasses of Pink Champagne.  Yum!  It was such a hit, it was served again on Boxing Day and today, New Year’s Eve- chances are it will be breakfast tomorrow.

The Pancakes

Gluten and dairy free. 🙂  One of my Christmas presents was a stencil set for making shapes in coffee.  They are great for decorating pancakes with powdered sugar.

Frozen inspired pancake.



Run Run Rudolph 


Cheers! Blood Orange Mimosas 

All you will need is Blood Oranges and Pink Champagne.



New Year’s Eve Edition: NYE Brunch

Pancakes were stuffed with chocolate, marshmallow and strawberry!



Strawberry White Zinfandel Mimosa





Enjoy! Happy New Year!

with love, xo

P.S. NYE Brunch Crasher… King Kiwi


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