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Sea Trek In Grand Cayman



On New Year’s Day, I started it with a splash!  I took the plunge in trying something new, and I dived right into an ocean adventure with my bestie.  We had an epic time going on a Sea Trek tour right here in the waters of Grand Cayman.  We had the opportunity to explore Sotos Reef named after a pioneer in the Cayman diving industry, Bob Soto.  This beautiful landscape of coral is located in the George Town harbour.  Sea Trek Cayman was pure awesomeness! The whole crew was a lovely group of people and so much fun to be around!  It was such a surreal experience to dive down 30-40ft and discover the beauty of the coral reef and fish which reside there.  I felt completely safe the entire time, and walked around the ocean floor absolutely carefree.  It was such a dream!  I loved every minute of the guided tour.  The divers escorting us on our underwater journey, put on a fantastic dive show during our sea trek tour.  

While I am not a diver, only an avid snorkeler, Sea Trek Cayman allowed me to experience the joy and wonder that divers must experience when they dive into our beautiful ocean filled with spectacular underwater scenery.

I highly recommend checking Sea Trek Cayman out!  I am super excited for my next ocean adventure with them.  I am planning to try out their SNUBA tour very soon.  I can’t wait!

For more info about Sea Trek Cayman click here  You can also follow them on Facebook

Here are a few snapshots of my New Year’s Day underwater adventure.















with love, from one ocean lover to another, xo

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