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To The Beat Of The Steel Pan


It is with great pleasure to announce the upcoming performance by Mr. Earl La Pierre, playing the steel pan at Earth Hour, Saturday 28th March, at The Crescent, Camana Bay. Steel pan music is the rhythm to the beating heart of Cayman.

Earl La Pierre, formerly of St Clair, Port-of-Spain Trinidad, has made his mark in the music realm with his exceptional talent playing the steel pan. In 1986, Earl headed to the Cayman Islands to take part in the Pirates Week Festival. This created an opportunity for him to teach pan. He has dedicated over 18 years in the Cayman Islands teaching pan and performing, winning a multitude of awards. He opened up a school called Cayman School for Pan. He teaches pan to primary, middle, and high schools, as well as Catholic Schools in Grand Cayman. His lifetime experience and knowledge in music and playing the pan has made a great impact on both the culture and youth of Cayman.


Teaching pan to the youth of Cayman, is something Earl takes pride in and is dedicated to. Currently, Earl is requesting support in the form of donations to help tune and maintain musical instruments used to teach Cayman’s youth. Please consider making a donation to help him continue in his efforts of teaching pan.

Join in celebrating Earth Hour this Saturday at The Crescent, Camana. Enjoy a wonderful performance, by a steel pan legend, here in the Cayman Islands.

For more information about Earl La Pierre please visit his website


Photo Credits: Earl La Pierre