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World Ocean’s Day 2015: Why We Need Sharks…


Happy World Ocean’s Day! 

World Ocean’s Day was designated by the United Nations, and this year’s theme is “Healthy Ocean, Healthy Planet.”  In honor of this year’s theme, I am focusing on the importance of healthy shark populations, and why sharks are key to maintaining the ocean’s balance and their role in regard to maintaining healthy coral reefs.

Huge thank you to Daybreak 27! To watch my in-depth interview on World Ocean Day 2015 click here Enjoy!

Please help to keep the ocean and coral reefs healthy.  Also, don’t forget sharks are so valuable to our eco-system, we need healthy shark populations to keep our oceans healthy.  The decline in shark populations can lead to disastrous effects upon the ocean, and it can even lead to the death of the coral reef.  Everything is interconnected.  Sharks play a key role in maintaining the balance of the health of the ocean, coral reefs and our eco-system. The loss of sharks can disrupt our eco-system and set off a chain reaction, so it is important that we have healthy shark populations, and protect sharks.

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