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A Little Cayman Spice



A Little Cayman Spice

Laurel Hydes has got a hot commodity on her hands, homemade Pepper Jellies. Pepper Jelly is a garnish that can be used with almost anything, it is always jam packed with powerful flavors and a little fire. Laurel’s selection of Pepper Jellies are unique in flavor and are quickly becoming a staple product in kitchens across Cayman.

A Garden Of Pepper Jellies


Laurel takes great care to ensure that the finest ingredients are used to make her locally made organic Pepper Jellies. She has her very own scotch bonnet pepper garden. Her scotch bonnet peppers are the key ingredient to making her flavorful Pepper Jelly. Laurel has an array of unique Pepper Jelly flavors and the only ingredients she buys that is not grown locally or from the farmers market are: strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. Current Pepper Jelly Flavors include: Regular Pepper Jelly, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Starfruit.

Scenes Behind The Kitchen

12193810_10207673856552795_5179737500001060233_nHow did Laurel come to master the art of making one of the finest Pepper Jellies available on the island? She simply just started out by experimenting in the kitchen. In her own words,

“All I can say, is that I like experimenting in the kitchen with recipes and I came across something that you enjoy doing and find that others really enjoy what I came with so it turned out to be good for everyone!!”

What does Laurel love most about making her handcrafted Pepper Jelly? Simple, no long cooking is required. The Pepper Jellies are quick and easy to make. You might be wondering if the wide variety of Pepper Jelly flavors she offers are family secret recipes. Nope, Laurel is the mastermind behind all of her recipes. She has a real flare for whipping up batches of fun and exciting Pepper Jelly flavors. Where does Laurel draw inspiration from? The inspiration just comes to her and she runs with it. She trusts her instinct and finds what flavors compliment each other. Her favorite flavor is pumpkin.

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice


On the eve of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas just around the corner, Laurel has holiday flavors that will be a hit at your holiday dinners with friends and family. The special edition flavors include: Cranberry, Pumpkin and Sorrel. Those traditional holiday meals can now have a new burst of flavor with any one of these flavorful Pepper Jellies.

Currently Craving Pepper Jelly?

To Place An Order: Contact Laurel at (Tel) 927-2703 or (Email)


Photo Credit: Laurel Hydes

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