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A Birthday Wish, xo



My birthday wish this year is to see more kindness, compassion, hope and love in this world.  A random act of kindness can go along way making someone’s day.  I think we all deserve to believe in miracles, hopes and dreams coming true- I guess I wish that for everyone too.  Sometimes it is the little things that remind us to always believe something wonderful is about to happen, or dreams, wishes, hopes and miracles do come true. The funny thing about birthday’s, is that there is something always so magical about them. I hope that never goes away. We should never lose that childish innocence we have in believing in the beauty of this world and the greater good in other people.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.– George Bernard Shaw

The older I get, the less I need presents. I love presents.  I appreciate the thought others put into buying them and I am always thankful for them.  Instead of presents this year, I would love friends and family to give to others, to those who are in greater need of a gift of hope.  Some years ago, I started a birthday tradition and that is to highlight a few different non-profit organizations to raise awareness on their behalf.  Each year, I try to give to those charities whether it be a financial donation or giving my time. Below are the charities I would like to raise awareness for this year.  If you can, please help raise awareness on their behalf.

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-profit organization very dear to my heart.  The team of individuals who work there do an incredible job every year preserving our heritage, culture and environment.  It is always such a joy to volunteer with them.

The N.C.V.O

The NCVO is an independent, non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the care, education and well –being of children and families in need of support in the Cayman Islands The NCVO helps hundreds of children & families and operates various programmes. -NCVO

Let’s help the N.C.V.O in their noble efforts bringing hope and helping make brighter futures for all.

The Cayman Islands Diabetes Association

I have had the privilege of working with the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association for some years now.  For me, it was a way to honor my mother’s memory, she died due to complications of diabetes.  One of the main projects the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association does is have quarterly free public screenings.  It is so important that people get checked for diabetes.  CIDA offers free A1C screenings, the gold standard in diabetes screening.  It gives an average glucose reading for the last 3 months, indicating whether a person is in the normal range, pre-diabetic or in the diabetic range.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society

Love cats or dogs? Please help the Cayman Islands Humane Society any way that you can.  You can buy books at the Book Loft, all proceeds benefit the animals.  You can adopt a cat or dog and have a new addition to your family.  The Cayman Islands Humane Society is always looking for volunteers.  I am so very thankful to have adopted Kiwi and Sparta from the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

for the love of animals adopt

The World Wildlife Fund

One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received was a certificate that a Polar Bear was adopted in my name 🙂 For over 50 years the WWF has been working hard to protect the environment and animals.


with love from the birthday girl, xo

PS- May we all have a beautiful and magical day. xo

PPS- Soon to come the recipe for my birthday pancakes xo

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