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Wanderlust Wednesday: Why You Should Visit Garden Of The Gods

garden of the gods colorado

Colorado, is one of the most beautiful places I have visited.  My absolute favorite spot is Garden of the Gods.  It has an incredible display of red rock formations— a true natural wonder of epic beauty.  I recommend all world travelers should visit this spectacular place at least once.

Why You Should Visit Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods is famous for is red rock formations.  Throughout this National Natural Landmark you have a multitude of dramatic scenic photo opportunities.  There is much serenity walking along the pathways and feeling connected to nature.  It is a great leisurely walk with striking views and vantage points.  One of the coolest vantage points for me was being able to see “The Incline” (Manitou Incline, Colorado Springs)  hiking trail in the distance.  It is a hiking trail that is most definitely on my bucket list.

Colorado, is a wonderful place for hiking and Garden of the Gods is one of the easiest hikes with paved pathways.  Be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Furthermore, it serves as a wonderful recreational site, as it offers opportunities for: hiking, technical rock climbing, and mountain biking.  The magnitude of the beauty of Garden of the Gods can never truly be captured by a single photograph, it is a place best to be experienced to take in all of its glory.




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