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Eco Chic Dog Bowls

Photo Credit: Canine Friends

A local non-profit organization, Dog Treats Cayman, is repurposing wine boxes into stylish dog feeding stations. This creative endeavour is bringing awareness to both conservation and adopting local animals in need.

Heidi and Mark have teamed up with local businesses including: Premier Wines, Grand Old House, Jacques Scott and BlackBeard’s who generously donate wooden wine boxes to be transformed in eco chic dog feeding stations. Repurposing the wooden wine boxes creates a sustainable product and supports local organisations. The elevated dog feeding stations are designed to facilitate healthy eating habits as well as other benefits. 100% of the proceeds are donated to PAWS of East End or Canine Friends. Both local charities encourage the community to adopt rescued animals in need of a forever home.

paws cayman islands

Photo Credit: PAWS Cayman Islands Dog Coco

The Benefits of Elevated Dog Feeding Stations


Elevated dog feeding stations are said to offer multiple health benefits for dogs including:

– Better body posture and comfort

– Reduce stress/pressure on their neck and joints

– Encourages dogs to chew their food slowly rather than gulp food down fast

– Helps to prevent dog bloat (or volvulus – twisting of the stomach), and mega-oesophagus, which is a condition when the food accumulates into the oesophagus instead of ascending to the stomach

– Stainless steel Pan is considered to be more sanitary, rust-free and non-leaching

Treat Your Dog


Photo Credit: Canine Friends Dog Tegean 

Purchase an elevated dog feeding station and support local animal rescue charities, PAWS of East End and Canine Friends.

Single Feeding Stations: CI$45

Double Feeding Sta0on: CI$75


Contact Heidi Edmunds for more details, including how to measure your dog for its personalised feeding station


Phone: 548-7811


Photo Credit: PAWS Cayman Islands Dog Jet