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Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging & What I Learned Along The Way

Celebrations are in order and a bottle of Moet, Pink Champagne, is overflowing.  Eco Chic Cayman is celebrating 5 years of blogging!  A toast, to this milestone, to the memories, to our supporters, to our readers, to the inspiring souls we have met along the way, to our friends we love collaborating with, our contributors, to the lessons learned along the way, and to our future continuing to grow our blog. Cheers, with love, xo

My heart is full of gratitude today.  I am deeply thankful for all the support I have received over these last 5 years.  It has been a blessing to have met so many likeminded, passionate and inspiring people while on this journey.  The blog has come a long way since its inception and will continue to grow.  I am looking forward to a bright future of exciting and wonderful collaborations.

Blogging Tips: What I Learned From Blogging








1. Be Authentic

I remember at the beginning of this journey, friends encouraging me to start a blog because I love writing.  I contemplated for a few weeks about what topic to write about and what theme my blog should have.  Well, I am passionate about the environment.  So, that became the foundation of my blog.  I began writing about environmental issues, sustainable fashion, endangered wildlife, ocean awareness, conservation and sustainability.  Sure, I branch out and write about other things I love, like traveling the world and delicious food. I love being a world traveler and I love cooking.  Ultimately, the heart of my blog is the environment.  For those of you debating if you should start a blog, my advice is go for it!  Write about what you are passionate about and above all be authentic.

2. Collaboration Is A Beautiful Thing

One of the things I love most about blogging, is meeting new people, sitting down for a creative session and collaborating on articles.  Collaborating on photoshoots and videos to support blog articles is a great learning experience.  There is a lot to be said about teamwork.  Finding likeminded people who’s values align with yours allows for the opportunity of a great working relationship.  You have this beautiful opportunity to support one another and combine your talents to create a positive impact.  Everybody has something to bring to the table, and we rise by lifting others.  We can learn so much from others when collaborating on a project together.  Everybody has something to contribute from their work experience and talents, you find a balance and a way to compliment one another’s work, making a wonderful piece of work/product at the end of the day.  Collaborations can be very beneficial to your blog, and to your articles.  Work with people you want to learn from, who inspire you and support you.

3. Stay Inspired 

Every now and then you are gonna have days when you feel burnt out or uninspired.  It happens, so don’t beat yourself up about it.  Allow yourself some time to take a break and recharge your mind.  One way you can help yourself stay inspired is by keeping a journal for all your ideas and inspirations or a vision board whether a physical one or a virtual one on Pinterest.  Refer to your ideas when you need a boost of inspiration.  Go back to the drawing board so to speak, and remind yourself why you started and what your goals are.  I also suggest keeping a journal, not only with your inspirations, but also documenting your milestones, achievements, lessons learned and goals.  Surround yourself by things that inspire you.  Read more about what you love, and learn more about topics that interest you.  Most importantly, surround yourself with those who support you, inspire you and encourage you.  It makes the world of difference.

I am so proud of so many incredible people I admire following their passions, using their voice to raise awareness about issues that matter to them, and making a difference in the lives of others and a positive impact in the world.  They are my heroes, they are legends and inspire me to stay true to my passions.

4. Go For It!

Have a brave heart, have a little faith in yourself and your goals and just go for it!  Whatever your goals and/or dreams are if you believe in them, then see them through.  If it matters to you, then you owe it to yourself to try and chase after your dreams.  Hard work pays off.  Reach out to people you want to collaborate with because you never know what incredible opportunity may present itself.  Trust in your talents and know that you have so much to give and bring to the table.  Your talents and dreams matter.

5. Reflect With A Heart Of Gratitude

I believe success comes into play for a variety of reasons, hard work, the right timing, incredible opportunities, and showing gratitude along the way.  The success I have found with my blog, is not because of me alone, it is the product of hard work, putting my heart and soul into my work, persistence, collaborating with others, amazing opportunities, and the support of friends, family and our readers.  My heart has been incredibly humbled by the amazing opportunities I have had while on this journey.  I am deeply thankful for the experience I have had, the people I met, the incredible collaborations, and the love and support I have received.

with love, xo








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