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Ocean-Guard: Save The Reefs

Eco Chic Cayman is proud to team up with Eco Divers Reef Foundation to help raise awareness about their coral nursery program.  Eco Divers Reef Foundation is a non-profit organization. Founders Brittany Balli and Aaron Hunt, are a husband and wife team devoted to restoring fragile and damaged reefs in the Cayman Islands.  The heart of their coral conservation efforts is to maintain local coral nurseries and coral out plant sites throughout the Cayman Islands.  Their ethos is coming together as a community in a united effort to preserve Cayman’s reefs to ensure a positive future for these precious ecosystems.  This will allow future generations the opportunity to enjoy Cayman’s reefs as we have done.  Eco Divers Reef Foundation is dedicated to protecting our reefs, and educating the youth and community about the important role coral reefs play in our oceans.

Why Reefs Matter


Coral reefs have inartistic value and are important to the health of our oceans, tourism, economy, fisheries and provide costal protection.  We need healthy coral reefs to continue to provide biologically diverse ecosystems to help maintain healthy oceans.  Coral reefs provide a source of food, act as a nursery and provide a habitat for a plethora of species.  Coral reefs are considered to be an underwater rainforest due to the richly biodiverse ecosystems that thrive as a result of coral reefs and the array of marine life that call the reefs home.  Healthy reefs are vital for healthy oceans and all marine life.

Get The Look: Ocean-Guard




Our Ocean-Guard t-shirts are an Eco Chic Cayman original design, printed by our friends at Stoak’d Cayman.  A special thank you to Stoak’d for helping us in this effort to raise awareness and funds to protect Cayman’s reefs.  Each t-shirt retails for CI$25 and a portion of the proceeds go directly towards funding Eco Divers Reef Foundation Coral Nursery Program.  Their coral nurseries are instrumental in preserving and rejuvenating Cayman’s coral reefs.

To order an Ocean-Guard T-shirt, click here.

Please let us know the size and quantity.  Our t-shirts are made to order.  Currently, we are only taking domestic orders (Cayman Islands) only.  Thank you for supporting this great cause, preserving the coral reefs of the Cayman Islands.

Become A Reef Restoration Diver

For those of you who have a passion for protecting the reefs and diving.  You can join Eco Divers Reef Foundation’s volunteer team working on both the coral nurseries and coral out plant sites.  To learn more about this fantastic program, and how you can dive into coral reef conservation here in the Cayman Islands click here

Red Sky At Night: Meet Brittany and Aaron

Meet Brittany and Aaron at their booth at Red Sky at Night, Saturday 3rd March 2018, from 4:00pm-10:00pm.  Learn more about the coral nursery program and how you can become involved in helping preserve Cayman’s reefs.  Place an order for an Ocean-Guard t-shirt or purchase their merchandise available at Red Sky at Night, proceeds benefit Eco Divers Reef Foundation.

Photo Credits

Jim Catlin Photography and Eco Divers Reef Foundation (Coral and Diving)

Lori Speirs (Ocean-Guard T-shirts)

Video Credits

Video by: Eco Chic Cayman

Film Footage by: Eco Divers Reef Foundation and Lori Speirs