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40 Seconds Odelberg

If you love exploring nature, wildlife encounters and discovering the treasures of the ocean, then get ready for an amazing new show with one of Sweden’s most respected conservationists, Joakim Odelberg.  As a conservationist, wildlife photographer, underwater filmmaker and TV host, Odelberg has a vast amount of incredible stories to share.  His devotion to conservation is admirable and inspiring.  The show is designed as a short format concept.  The idea is for Joakim Odelberg to answer one question about his experience as a conservationist within 40 seconds per episode.  The show creates a unique platform for viewers to connect with a respected conservationist to learn more about conservation.  Viewers also have access to an inside look into what life is like as a world explorer devoted to conservation.  Viewers can submit questions via email, or leave a comment on Mr. Odelberg’s Instagram page.  The show can be watched by subscribing to Mr. Odelberg’s Youtube channel.  Joakim Odelberg developed the show with Annica Lindeberg and Purple Stockholm.  Emma Watson will be a producer for the show. 

To submit questions for the show, please email: info@joakimodelberg.se


Photo & Film Credit: Joakim Odelberg