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SIPP: Byron Bay Sustainable Coffee

Coffee lovers, your morning coffee just got a whole lot better! Good friends Dylan Garft & Luke Zocchi are founders of Byron Bay’s very own SIPP, Instant Coffee, a game changer in the world of coffee.  SIPP offers affordable sustainable gourmet coffee.  SIPP’s ethos is focused on evolving and refining the way coffee is produced on the market, with the betterment of the planet in mind.  As a means of reducing their environmental impact, no plastic is used in their packaging.  SIPP uses 100% compostable packaging made from plant based materials, predominately from the Eucalyptus tree.  The compostable packaging is Vincotte certified, this means “it biodegrades to its natural components within 26 weeks, leaving only safe compost with which to nourish the next seasons planting” (SIPP).  As part of their sustainable practice for every tree used, another tree is planted in its place.  Furthermore, SIPP avoids the manufacturing of unsustainable coffee home pods all together.  Reason being, in Australia alone an estimated 3 million are used per day.  A focus on a sustainable future for our planet is always at the forefront, and there in lies their commitment to reducing our global impact on the planet and raising awareness about environmental issues.  As a means to contribute to the betterment of the environment, $1 from every bag of SIPP coffee sold goes directly towards “organisations dedicated to making our planet more sustainable for the generations to come”(SIPP).  They are proud partners with Take 3, a clean beach initiative to help reduce global plastic pollution.  SIPP is an advocate for raising awareness about prevalent environmental issues such as plastic pollution, global warming and deforestation.  


Enjoy Your Coffee, One SIPP At A Time

SIPP has revolutionised coffee not only from a sustainable standpoint, but by introducing a gourmet cup of coffee packed with organic ingredients and probiotics.  Their coffee is brewed with organic grains that are nutrient-rich complex carbohydrates.  This works to help prevent a “sugar crash” and extends your performance level.  The integration of probiotics is to enhance your health overall.  Last, but not least, the all mighty coconut creamer that is packed with essential vitamins and secures that perfect cup of coffee full of flavour.  Bonus, this means their delicious coffee is dairy free.  

SIPP Signature Coffee Flavours include: Coconut Coffee, and Coconut Coffee- Double Shot.  

SIPP Signature Tea Flavours include: Coconut Chai Latte and Coconut Green Tea Matcha

Prices for coffee and tea range from AUS$24.95-$29,95

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Q&A with SIPP Founder Dylan Garft 

1. What inspired you to create SIPP?

Luke and I decided to start Sipp out of frustration for the amount of money we spent buying coffee ($70+ per week easy) but most importantly, we wanted to change the way people consumed coffee. I used to have a Nespresso machine and stopped using it the day I realised how much I was contributing to Australia’s waste issues. 3 millions capsules per day are sent to land fill. 

2. How does your coffee differ from others? 

Firstly, in our coffee we use a coconut creamer! This is a fantastic way to remove any dairy but giving it a beautiful coconut creamy flavour. Secondly, we wanted it to be easy to travel with so its instant. Most people don’t associate instant coffee with good coffee, until now! Ha. Thirdly, we wanted to give our coffee another dimension and we achieved this by turning into a function beverage – We use a very special micro encapsulated probiotic that only activates once it hits your stomach acid, meaning your body receive the maximum effect from it! 

3. How have your incorporated sustainability into your business model?

This was a very important aspect for us. Our packaging is 100% home compostable. A lot of brands claim to have “sustainable” packaging however, to achieve that sustainability, the package needs to be sent to special industrial composting plants to break down. Ours on the other hand will break down to nothing over 26 weeks. Even after about 12 weeks, you would be hard pressed finding the remains if you dug it up. And don’t worry, the decomposition only kicks off once it is underground, with moisture and warmth.

4. $1 from every purchase goes towards helping the planet.  With this is in mind, what environmental issues do you find most concerning? 

Both myself and my business partner Luke have surfed our whole lives, we live in Byron Bay (Most easterly point in Australia) and see the beauty the ocean has to offer. Keeping our oceans clean is very important to us, and that is why we have partnered with Take 3 to help raise awareness about plastic pollution. They are doing a fantastic job in education youth as well as proactively cleaning up our oceans. 

5. If you had to pick one, which flavour of SIPP coffee is your favourite? 

That is hard, on a day to day basis I would lean towards the Coconut Coffee – Double Shot. It has 270mg of caffeine per serve and having an 11 week old daughter and new business calls for extra energy! Ha 

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