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World Oceans Day: Sustainable Fashion Ocean Inspired Giveaway

In honour of World Oceans Day (June 8) Eco Chic Cayman is proud to partner with Sage Larock and host a giveaway whilst, raising ocean awareness through our social media campaign focusing on topics including: plastic pollution, ghost nets and protecting coral reefs.  This year, World Oceans Day theme is: “Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean.” We couldn’t agree more with this very relevant call to action.  Now more than ever, communities, companies, and organisations need to unite in a global effort to put an end to plastic pollution and unnecessary plastic packaging.  We can all do our part to contribute to the end of plastic pollution, by taking a simple pledge to stop using single-use plastics is a great starting point.  It is said, that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if plastic pollution continues to escalate.  Plastic is harmful to marine life and is often ingested as it is commonly mistaken as food.  Reportedly, plastic is said to be having negative impacts and proving to be harmful to coral reefs.  Not to mention, ghost nets and drift nets are highly dangerous to marine life.  Unfortunately, marine life such as turtles, seals, whales and sharks become entangled in drift nets and if unable to break free the result is fatal.    

How To Enter


  1. 1. Follow both @sagelarock and @ecochiccayman on Instagram
  2. Like and comment (State why you love the ocean) on photo (as seen above) on either @sagelarock or @ecochiccayman Instagram account.
  3. Contest open internationally 
  4. Sign up for Sage Larock Newsletter and Eco Chic Cayman Newsletter  (Click links to view their websites)
  5. Winner will be decided June 15th 2018 and contacted via Instagram
  6. Winner will be announced on both @sagelarock and @ecochiccayman Instagram accounts
  7. Winner will receive all items mentioned in the giveaway.  There is only one winner. Winner is selected at random and their response as to why they love the ocean. 

The Ultimate Ocean-Friendly Goodies You Can Win

Huge thank you to our sponsors for donating these ocean inspired goodies. 

  1. Sustainable Swimwear made by Sage Larock

Win a US$100 Gift Certificate from Sage Larock.  Sage Larock designs eco luxury swimwear.  Sage Larock uses sustainable fashion as a platform to raise ocean awareness.  Their sustainable swimsuits are made from reclaimed plastic and ghost nets found in the ocean or along the beach.  Founder, Taryn Sage Larock is devoted to designing both stylish and sustainable swimwear that is ethically made.  A portion of their sales goes towards Healthy Seas.  

  1. Ocean-Guard T-shirt designed by Eco Chic Cayman

Eco Chic Cayman’s “Ocean-Guard” t-shirts are made on a demand and supply order basis and supports local as a means of sustainability.  Our t-shirts were designed to raise awareness for coral reefs.  A portion of the proceeds from each sale of our Ocean-Guard t-shirts go directly towards supporting coral reef conservation in the Cayman Islands.  Specifically, Eco Divers Reef Foundation, Coral Nursery Program. 

  1. Reef Safe Sunscreen & Lip Balm provided by Le Visage

Le Visage takes pride in offering an array of eco-friendly, ethically made and animal cruelty free cosmetics and skincare products.  With this year being the International Year of the Reef, it is only fitting to include reef safe sunscreen and lip balm in our giveaway.  Coola Eco-Lux Sunscreen is an organic sunscreen with key ingredients antioxidants such as Cucumber, Algae, Strawberry, and Red Raspberry Seed Oil.  Coola Lip Balm is organic and vitamin-enriched, antioxidant formula protects and conditions lips with natural fruit butters.  Enjoy their peppermint and vanilla flavour. 

  1. Reusable Metal Straw provided by Shark Conservation Cayman

Plastic straws are no longer in vogue.  Reusable metal straws are not only on trend but they are the way forward— there really is no longer a need for plastic straws.  What makes these metal straws extra cool, (here in the Cayman Islands) for every straw sold a portion of the proceeds goes towards Shark Conservation Cayman.  

  1. Bamboo Shades provided by Stoak’d Cayman

Stoak’d Cayman have got the coolest bamboo shades that will have you setting a trend all summer long.  Sustainably made from bamboo, these eco-friendly sunglasses are in vogue when it comes to sustainable fashion accessories. 


Good Luck!