Tree Hugger

Sustainable Resolutions For The New Year

New year, new goals.  The beginning of a new year is an exciting time.  There is so much hope and possibility from new beginnings and fresh starts.  Spending time reflecting on the past year seeing how far you have come and looking forward focusing on your aspirations for the new year.   Sustainable living is a lifestyle.  Even by choosing to be dedicated to one sustainable resolution for the year will have a positive impact on the environment.  Take your time building up to incorporating other sustainable resolutions into your daily routine.    

1. Be Fashion Forward: Support Sustainable Fashion

Join the fashion revolution and support sustainable fashion.  If you can, support sustainably made clothing.  Other ways you can contribute to sustainable fashion is by wearing clothing more than once or twice.  It’s so easy to buy something pretty, wear it once and never pull it out of your closet again.  Buy pieces of clothing you love and envision yourself wearing in a variety of settings, occasions and events.  Have a bunch of clothing you don’t wear often? Consider restyling them to make new outfits and looks (check out Finery App, click here), donate them to a charity or swap clothing with your besties.  The goal is just to increase the lifecycle of clothing.  Choosing well and buying less helps you save money. 

2. Buy Less & Choose Well

Choose products that are sustainably made, ethically made and animal cruelty free.  Invest in  quality products and clothing.  They will last longer.  Choose makeup and skincare products that are animal cruelty free.  Support local, buy handmade and handcrafted items from local artisans.  

3. Support Local Farmers & Community Gardens

Support your local farmers market and eat seasonal fruits and veggies.  Supporting local is beneficial for both the environment and your local economy.  Start a community garden.  Whether it’s in your own backyard or apartment complex start growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables.  It’s a great family and community project with your neighbours.   

4. Reconnect with Nature

Spend more time out in nature.  Marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature.  Going outdoors is a great way to boost your mood, reset and recharge.  For the love of nature, if you happen to see plastic and litter please take a few moments to pick it up.  

5. Break That Plastic Addiction

Who needs plastic when you have your own sustainable kit?  Create your own sustainable kit to bring with you to work or have with you as life is always on the go.  Essentials for a sustainable kit: reusable straw, cutlery, reusable bag(s), travel coffee mug, reusable water bottle and food containers.