Holiday Treats: Marshmallow Popcorn Treats 

Ahh, the holidays… From Christmas to New Year’s Day, ‘tis the season to bake up a storm of delicious treats.  Gotta love holiday baking.  Who knew marshmallows were such a versatile ingredient?  Oh, and we aren’t talking about your typical marshmallow, we are talking about Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats flavoured marshmallows.  It’s always good to support local.  Powder Monkey’s signature collection of extraordinary flavours infused into made from scratch marshmallows are a real game changer.  Popular favourites include: coconut, strawberry, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, coffee, and rose —just to name a few.  This holiday season we have all new treats in-store for guests, friends and family.  Our popcorn marshmallow treats are a fun and festive dessert for holiday parties.  Yes, the holiday’s just got a whole lot sweeter.  We loved the combination of flavours, strawberry marshmallows, chocolate and popcorn— we think you will too!  A delightful holiday snack for guests or to add to your hot cocoa bar.  

With New Year’s Eve almost here, I am already planning out a menu for my dessert bar.

Baking Tip: Really you just want the butter to melt into the popcorn before adding in the marshmallows.

In partnership with Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats.