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Living a healthy lifestyle is important for our mind, body and soul.  Now, more than ever people are taking the time to focus on their wellness and overall health.  When you eat well, and exercise daily you feel good.  In addition, you feel happier, a boost of confidence, mental clarity and more energetic.  I have found since I started drinking Cold-Pressed juices my energy levels have gone up, and overall I feel great.  Personally, I love a good green juice post-workout, and if you are looking for a delicious one give Zen by Green2Go a try.  You will love it! 

I first came across Green2Go Cold-Pressed Shots at Bluestone Lane.  There I discovered what is now my all time favorite Green2Go Cold-Pressed Juice shot the Wellness Shot.  Personally, I have found having the Wellness Shot once a day or at least a couple of times a week has helped boost my immune system.  I really enjoy adding my Wellness Shot to a cup of hot water, and enjoy it as a tea.  Other favorites of mine include Espresso Dream (espresso is always a good idea), Zen  and the Vitality Shot.  Having Green2Go deliver some of my favorite Cold-Pressed Juice shots helps make it easier to ensure I get a proper balance of nutrients to keep my immune system boosted.  

Q&A with Green2Go Founders,  Nicholas Adendorff and Martin van Zyl

What inspired you to create Green2Go?

Green2Go was created because we believed there was a need in the community for healthy, convenient, smoothies, juices and shakes. We believed that you could truly change a person’s life for the better if you could get in their hands healthy alternatives made from nutrient dense products with no additives or flavorings.

What is the inspiration or meaning behind the company name?

Green2Go was chosen as a name as we originally started off with one flagship Kale smoothie in a 24oz glass jar that we delivered to peoples homes. A big green smoothie delivered became Green2Go. 

What are some of the positive benefits of drinking 100% Cold-Pressed Juice?

100% Cold-Pressed juice has many advantages. Some being when we extract the juice using a cold-pressed processed, as supposed to a high speed juicer, we keep all the nutrients in tact. The juice is more nutrient dense and has a longer shelf life as well. It is said that cold-pressed juice holds up to 75% more nutrients after a day on the shelf than regular juices made with your average high speed juicer. 

Which is your most popular cleanse and why?

Our most popular cleanse has to be our Ultimate 3 day cleanse. The reason being that this cleanse starts off with a gentle cleanse pack on day 1, a slightly more detoxing pack on day 2 and an advanced cleanse pack on day 3. It helps spacing the cleanse out this way for maximum benefits. 

Which of your 100% Cold-Pressed Juices are great for boosting your immune system and keeping healthy?

Our new Immunity 16oz Cold-Pressed Juice is our best option for boosting your immune system as it has 10 ingredients in which include herbal medicinals and natural boosters. 

What are some of your tips for wellness and keeping healthy?

We definitely believe having a regular juice routine is key to ensuring you get all the nutrients in that you would miss on days that you don’t eat any vegetables or fruits. 

Other than that daily exercise is very important, lots of water and good sleep every night.

Which is your favorite Green2Go product?

Our favorites definitely change but currently we love our juice of the month which is made from locally grown mangoes, apples, ginger and lemon. 

Are your ingredients locally sourced? 

We source locally where we can but because we use such a large variety of produce we are not always able to source them locally in which case we get them from local suppliers. 

In addition to ordering online, where else can your products be purchased? 

Our products are available in our store at 116 Cannon Place, Industrial Park as well as certain retailers such as Bluestone Lane, 7 Mile Strength and Fitness, Bliss Yoga studio, F45 in the Strand, Brussels Sprouts, The Brewhut in the airport and The Westin. 

How does your recycling program work?

We do not use any plastic at all and serve all of our products in glass which we take back from clients and offer a $0.25 per bottle refund on all glass (to be used for same day store purchase.) 

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