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Cayman’s Hidden Gem: Take A Bioluminescence Tour With Cayman Kayaks

Adventure awaits! If you are looking for an eco-adventure, take a Bioluminescence Tour with Cayman Kayaks. In support of sustainability for Cayman’s natural resources, Cayman Kayaks offers two eco-friendly options; kayak or electric powered bottomless boat. Cayman Kayaks is the closet tour operator to bio bay, which means more time spent in the bioluminescence. Their kayak tour is suitable for ages 6 and up. Their hybrid boat tour is suitable for ages 4 and up. All tours depart from Rum Point Club, meet by the volley ball court. A tour to Bio Bay is the perfect ocean adventure.

Top 5 Reasons To Go On A Bioluminescence Tour With Cayman Kayaks

1. Connect with nature 

When curfews were enforced so many of us took advantage of that time to connect with nature, even if that meant just enjoying your backyard. Spending time out on the water is allowed now, so it is your opportunity to continue that journey and get back in touch with the natural world.

2. Get out of the heat

Once the sun goes down, the heat dissipates allowing you to enjoy being outdoors more. The darkness of the night invites the stars to come out and play. Calm inner-coastal waters is the place to be, out under the stars and away from the mosquitoes found on shore.

3. Educational

Knowledge is power and more enjoyable. Cayman Kayaks fun and educational guides enhance a glowing experience. A trip to bio bay on a moonless night is the perfect night adventure.

4. Ecological Sustainable Adventure

Bio Bay is a hidden gem in Cayman. Only a handful of places worldwide have bioluminescence found in this abundant concentrations year-round. You can help keep this special area preserved by choosing from one of Cayman Kayaks’ ecology sensitive options: Kayak or Bottomless Electric Boat.

5. The Quiet Side of the Island 

Tens of thousands of people travel to Cayman for is natural beauty every year. Now we have the place all to ourselves. Time for an ultimate staycation to Rum Point. Now is the perfect time to explore Cayman and rediscover all the natural wonders that the island has to offer.

See For Yourself Cayman’s Glowing Experience 


Tour Dates: August 5-22.

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To book or for more details visit www.caymankayaks.com

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