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International Women’s Day: Inspiring Women Helping The Planet

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March), I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work these inspiring women are doing to help the planet.  I am honored to know each of them. I am thankful for their friendship and the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate with them on various projects.  In their own way, they are making a positive impact for the betterment of the environment.  They inspire me daily.  I have great admiration for their strong work ethic and accomplishments.  In the spirit of sisterhood, we rise by lifting others up.  That being said, it is important that we recognize, celebrate and support the work of those who inspire us.  I am so proud of these ladies!  I  know that they will continue to do amazing things, inspiring others along the way.  I can’t wait to share the incredible work these women are doing around the world.

Ellen Cuylaerts

“Men and women are different! That does not mean they should be treated differently. Let’s focus on being good in what we do, following our passions not defined by gender, physical strength or limits. If we all think out of the box, we might focus on the positives of our differences instead of the negatives and combine our strength to be movers and shakers in a world that needs action!”- Ellen Cuylaerts

One of my personal heroes is Ellen Cuylaerts.  I am so grateful for her mentorship, support, and encouragement.  I am so proud of Ellen’s accomplishments.  Ellen is an award-winning photographer, explorer, diver, and conservationist.  Ellen combines her passion for photography with her dedication for conservation to educate communities globally about the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems and endangered wildlife.  

2. Taryn Larock    

Taryn Larock, is a sustainable luxury fashion designer and founder of Sage Larock.  SAGE LAROCK was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angles, California.  Taryn is dedicated to creating fashion that is both stylish and sustainable.   As an ocean lover, Taryn is committed to using sustainable fashion as a platform to raise ocean awareness.  SAGE LAROCK’s sustainable luxury swimsuit line is made from ECONYL yarn, that is made from upcycled fishing lines and marine plastic debris.  A portion from their sales proceeds goes directly towards NGO’s,  Ghost Divers and NGO Canopy.

3. Kelsie Bodden

Someone asked me what goal I wanted to achieve using my platform. Simply put, I wish to get others to start thinking about how their everyday actions affect the environment. I would like to inspire others to act more consciously. To start thinking about whether that straw is necessary or what happens when you dispose of tires and batteries incorrectly. I would like to inspire others to live environmentally responsible with or without a law that says it is necessary.

I am blessed to be from an island that I believe has beauty like no other but I am more blessed to live on a planet that has many treasures. 🌎 🌍 🌏 The earth is the one thing we all have in common and we should all be working together to sustain it.”- Kelsie Bodden

Kelsie Bodden is the current reigning Miss World Cayman Islands.  Kelsie is using her reign as Miss World Cayman Islands as a platform to work with local environmental non-profit organizations in the Cayman Islands to raise awareness about local environmental issues.  Recently, Kelsie took Plastic Free Cayman’s 345 Pledge to show her commitment to reducing her use of single-use plastic.  To further raise awareness, Kelsie shares her plastic-free journey on her blog, click here to read more.  Kelsie is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.    

4. Sharron Eyers

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Sharron Eyers

Sharron Eyers (a self-confessed lover of skincare & make-up) is the creator/owner of one of Cayman’s most luxurious cosmetics & skincare boutique located in Camana Bay. The store opened in 2010 with only 2 brands and has now expanded to 22 brands. When selecting the brands Sharron does her very best to bring cruelty-free and high-end brands that are unique to her store. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and creating a unique shopping experience like nowhere else.

5. Brittany Balli

Brittany Balli is an ocean conservationist devoted to coral reef conservation and restoration in the Cayman Islands.  As a diver, Brittany has a tremendous love for the ocean, knowing first hand the beauty that resides in this magical underwater world.  Brittany is a co-founder of Eco Divers Reef Foundation and is dedicated to their Coral Nursery Program.  Cayman’s Coral Nursery Program has proven success in helping revitalize fragile and damaged local reefs.  Their coral reef restoration program welcomes volunteers and students passionate about preserving Cayman’s coral reefs. 

Le Visage: Sharron’s Travel Essentials

Today we are delighted to share a guest post by Sharron Eyers, founder of Le Visage.  When it comes to traveling you never want to leave home without a few of your favorite things.  You always want to look your best and feel great.  You don’t have to forgo your regular beauty and skincare routine just because you’re traveling.  Sharron will be sharing her travel essentials that keep her looking fabulous and feeling great.  All the products are animal cruelty-free and ethically made.  If you’re planning a weekend getaway and wondering what to pack, Sharron has some great recommendations.

Read below Sharron’s Guest Post


I travelled to Miami recently with my husband for a Valentines getaway 💋 and of course I had to make sure I took all my favourite things to keep me looking/feeling/smelling fabulous!

Here is a sneak peak of some of my essentials taken on my romantic getaway. Of course you can find all these items at Le Visage – where else darling 😏




Scout Travel Bag – Glam Squad: this is the perfect bag to carry all my skincare with different compartments for liquids etc.

Coola – Make-up Setting Spray: this is an absolute essential for my handbag. Even though the weather in Miami was a little rainy, I still needed to make sure my skin was protected from the environment. It also doubles as a make-up setting spray which is perfect as you know I love my make-up 😊

Penhaligon’s – Duchess Rose:  My love for Penhaligon’s has no limits and Duchess Rose is my absolute favourite fragrance right now!  It’s romantic, wistful and perfect for my Valentine’s weekend!

Elemis – Hydra-Gel Eye Masks: Nothing compares to these life savers. Late night? A few glasses of wine? Not a problem for these powerful eyes masks to fix.

Elemis – Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix: How did I ever live without you?? This is an absolute essential in my skincare routine, especially while travelling. My skin is completely in love with this powerful anti-aging cream 😍

Make-up Eraser – The best and quickest way to remove make-up (including waterproof) without drying out the skin. Of course I had to take the print with kisses on for Valentines 💋💋

BECCA – Ultimate Love Lipstick (Red): You have to wear red at Valentines and finding the perfect red with BECCA cosmetics is easy. I picked the Crimson (warm) Bright Red shade 💋

Guest Writer: Sharron Eyers

Sharron Eyers

Owner of Le Visage Cosmetics & Skincare Boutique

Self-Confessed lover of skincare & make-up

Our boutique is a very unique modern style with a hint of vintage

We pride ourselves on first class customer service with highly trained/knowledgeable staff

Our brands are all high end exclusive to Le Visage

Fashion Forward: Finery The Wardrobe Operating System

Get dressed up in your finery and join the Fashion Forward Revolution with Finery.  Finery, ‘The Wardrobe Operating System’ is where a styling app meets sustainable fashion.  Finery is a must-have wardrobe inventory management system created by Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey.  Finery will have you falling in love with your clothing all over again. After all, the reason you bought those clothes in the first place was to wear them more than once.  Somewhere along the way, many of us have fallen out of touch with our wardrobe and find ourselves faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to wear each day. We tell ourselves we have nothing to wear. So, we go out and buy new clothing that perhaps we don’t need.  Sound familiar? We come to the realization what we really need is a little inspiration to restyle our current wardrobe. Welcome, Finery! This user-friendly app will change your whole perspective on your existing wardrobe. By digitizing your wardrobe onto the Finery app you now have at your fingertips your whole closet.  (Think the ‘Clueless Closet.’) Finery helps you style outfits by providing a cleverly curated daily inspiration board tailored just for you based on your clothing and preferences—basically like having a personal wardrobe concierge. Finery is changing the way we get dressed. It is changing the way we look at fashion. You will find yourself excited about curating your own looks in a matter of no time.  Ultimately, extending the lifecycle of your clothing. You will also quickly find that Finery is more than just a styling app, it is a community.

The Finest In Sustainable Fashion

How does a styling app contribute to sustainable fashion exactly?  Our society is based on a consumerism culture encouraging us to shop more and keep up with the latest fashion trends.  This has lead to a ‘throwaway’ culture. We are being conditioned to discard clothing and products either because they are not on trend anymore or were not made to last.  This is an incredibly wasteful practice. As we become more aware of fast fashion and the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry we find ourselves wanting to make lifestyle changes.  Finery helps you rethink the way you look at fashion starting with your current wardrobe by bringing back that love for your clothing through using their styling inspiration boards and curating your own looks.  Restyling your existing wardrobe gives you a feeling of empowerment to wear outfits or pieces of clothing more than 4-5 times. Increasing the lifecycle of your clothing is a simple way we can all support sustainable fashion.  We buy clothes because we love the way they look and how they make us feel. Finery reminds us of this fact. The Finery community embraces a fashion revolution of loving clothing you already own, wear what you have in new stylish ways and shop your own closet.  The experience of using the app helps you have a brand new love for your clothes. It gives you that feeling of having bought new clothes without spending money. Ultimately, Finery encourages us to extend the lifecycle of the clothing we already own. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. An estimated USD $500 billion value lost every year due to clothing being barely worn or rarely recycled.”    

We can all do our part to contribute to sustainable fashion even by simply extending the lifecycle of our clothing or donating unwanted clothing to charities makes a positive impact on the environment.  When we buy clothing, we should choose well and buy less. Choose pieces of clothing you can envision yourself wearing on different occasions helps extend the lifecycle of your wardrobe. Finery creates an opportunity for you to take a step back and evaluate your wardrobe inventory.  As a top-notch wardrobe inventory management system, you have the opportunity to catalog and categorize your wardrobe, shoes, and accessories onto the Finery app. Managing your clothes digitally helps you shop smarter and saves you money in the long run. With your wardrobe inventory at your fingertips, you will no longer find yourself buying clothing you already own or similar to.  Finery also keeps track of your wishlist items and sale returns.

Take the Finery Challenge

The Finery Challenge was created by @thelittlecream. The challenge is simple, don’t shop for new clothing, instead fall back in love with your existing clothing. Challenge yourself for 1-3 months no shopping for new clothes, just restyle what already exists in your wardrobe.  Finery Challenge accepted! Who is with me? This challenge is a great way to contribute to the greater good of sustainable fashion by loving what you already own and wearing what you have more often. Join the Finery community by sharing your looks and style inspirations on Instagram.  It’s a fashion revolution of loving the clothing you already have and being creative with your looks.

My Finery Experience

Here is what my Finery experience has taught me…

It turns out I don’t need any more clothes!  If you are anything like me, you find yourself waking up in the morning not knowing what to wear or thinking I have ‘nothing” to wear.   When really it is a matter of needing some inspiration. Finery provides that. It makes interacting with my closet and the activity of picking out an outfit less stressful and more fun.  Taking part in the Finery Challenge has been a positive experience. I am encouraged, supported and inspired by the Finery community. We are all a part of something special. Using the Finery app helps me maintain my sustainable fashion resolution by buying less, shopping smarter and extending the lifecycle of my existing wardrobe.  Rewearing favorite outfits or styling them in new ways helps me feel good. I don’t play by that rule of ‘you can’t repeat an outfit’ or ‘wear the same dress again,’ God forbid. I love wearing rediscovered favorite pieces of clothing in new ways and new looks.

While I began the process of uploading my wardrobe onto the Finery app I was inspired to purge my closet of what I don’t wear or doesn’t fit— giving them a second life by donating and selling them.  Keeping only what brings me joy. If you shop mostly in store—digitizing your closet can take a little time and dedication… That being said, the browser extension is really good for this. Just google an item, click the little F button, and add to wardrobe.  Now, I have a new appreciation and love for my clothing. I am excited to put a little effort into styling an outfit with the help of Finery. I realized I need to break the habit or mindset of buying new clothing because I can’t ‘find’ anything to wear. For me personally, it really comes down to being in a rut of feeling uninspired about what to wear and Finery gives my current wardrobe new found life.  I make an effort to wear clothing I haven’t worn in ages. I love the process of rediscovering almost forgotten favorite pieces of clothing and putting together clothing to make a new look that I hadn’t thought of before. I credit Finery for that.

Interview with Brooklyn Decker, Co-Founder of Finery

It was such an incredible privilege to chat with Brooklyn Decker about Finery and sustainable fashion.

What inspired Finery?

Traveling a lot for work.  Going on a work trip and realizing I forgot a pair of jeans was a big annoyance.  I would go out and buy a new pair of jeans. I ended up with all the unnecessary redundancies in my wardrobe and I wanted a tool to streamline it all. From that inspired Finery, creating an inventory management system for clothing.  We manage everything else, finances, music, why not clothing? Closets are the last frontier, one of the last analog systems. This was an opportunity to fulfill a gap in the market.  Finery is built for women, by women.

What is the heart of Finery?

The heart of Finery is focusing on the value of our users.  We offer a lot of features on the app, styling inspiration, digital wardrobe and sale return notifications.  We ask ourselves does this help the user? For example, the weather feature informs users clothing to wear based on weather conditions and that is very helpful.  Finery also suggests outfits that are appropriate for an event. Finery helps users save money and time. It’s all about making the best user experience and giving them value.

How does Finery make getting dressed simpler?

Particularly for frequent online shoppers, Finery is very useful.  You log into your account and your clothing is already there uploaded into your Finery account.  For all users, it helps alleviate the burden of what to wear. You scroll through your wardrobe the night before, look at different styling options and put together an outfit in a matter of minutes.  Finery helps expedite the process of getting dressed.

What is your favorite feature on the Finery App?

My favorite feature with Finery is the return notifications.  I do a lot of shopping online. Finery makes things simple and keeps you informed when returns are due.  Often return windows are very short and can be confusing. Finery keeps you on track with email notifications and makes everything simpler.  Best of all it 100% benefits the user!

How do you hope Finery will revolutionize or make positive changes in the fashion industry?

We want to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions and change the way people consume.  Help consumers to shop smarter and become savvy consumers. Our society has a consumerism culture and we want to encourage consumers to shop smarter and rewear clothing more than 4-5 times.  Moving away from a ‘throwaway’ society and learn a new behavior of bringing favorite clothing back and thereby extending the lifecycle of clothing. Finery helps consumers find new and creative ways to wear clothing.  It is changing the way we get dressed and view our clothing.

What was your biggest challenge you have faced with this venture?

Finery is a company run by women and caters to a female audience.  Finery addresses a problem that does not speak to men. Raising capital and conveying the importance of this app to investors has been a challenge.

What has been the most positive experience of launching this app?

The loyalty from our users is a beautiful takeaway.  Hearing from users about their positive experience from using Finery and knowing that it is helping make their lives a little easier.  When you reach a friend of a friend and hear how Finery has helped them. Women understand the importance of their clothing and love using Finery.

What is the significance and inspiration behind the name Finery?

Whitney and I, wanted a word, a real word, an antique word to bring back.  “Dressed in your finery” is older vernacular and we thought it was cool. Dan Rather inspired the name.



Photo Credits:

With permission from Finery

Cover Photo:  @whowhatwear

Brooklyn Decker (Interview Photo):  @mothermag

Finery Video: Finery

Other Photos: Eco Chic Cayman


Sustainable Resolutions For The New Year

New year, new goals.  The beginning of a new year is an exciting time.  There is so much hope and possibility from new beginnings and fresh starts.  Spending time reflecting on the past year seeing how far you have come and looking forward focusing on your aspirations for the new year.   Sustainable living is a lifestyle.  Even by choosing to be dedicated to one sustainable resolution for the year will have a positive impact on the environment.  Take your time building up to incorporating other sustainable resolutions into your daily routine.    

1. Be Fashion Forward: Support Sustainable Fashion

Join the fashion revolution and support sustainable fashion.  If you can, support sustainably made clothing.  Other ways you can contribute to sustainable fashion is by wearing clothing more than once or twice.  It’s so easy to buy something pretty, wear it once and never pull it out of your closet again.  Buy pieces of clothing you love and envision yourself wearing in a variety of settings, occasions and events.  Have a bunch of clothing you don’t wear often? Consider restyling them to make new outfits and looks (check out Finery App, click here), donate them to a charity or swap clothing with your besties.  The goal is just to increase the lifecycle of clothing.  Choosing well and buying less helps you save money. 

2. Buy Less & Choose Well

Choose products that are sustainably made, ethically made and animal cruelty free.  Invest in  quality products and clothing.  They will last longer.  Choose makeup and skincare products that are animal cruelty free.  Support local, buy handmade and handcrafted items from local artisans.  

3. Support Local Farmers & Community Gardens

Support your local farmers market and eat seasonal fruits and veggies.  Supporting local is beneficial for both the environment and your local economy.  Start a community garden.  Whether it’s in your own backyard or apartment complex start growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables.  It’s a great family and community project with your neighbours.   

4. Reconnect with Nature

Spend more time out in nature.  Marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature.  Going outdoors is a great way to boost your mood, reset and recharge.  For the love of nature, if you happen to see plastic and litter please take a few moments to pick it up.  

5. Break That Plastic Addiction

Who needs plastic when you have your own sustainable kit?  Create your own sustainable kit to bring with you to work or have with you as life is always on the go.  Essentials for a sustainable kit: reusable straw, cutlery, reusable bag(s), travel coffee mug, reusable water bottle and food containers.    

Holiday Treats: Marshmallow Popcorn Treats 

Ahh, the holidays… From Christmas to New Year’s Day, ‘tis the season to bake up a storm of delicious treats.  Gotta love holiday baking.  Who knew marshmallows were such a versatile ingredient?  Oh, and we aren’t talking about your typical marshmallow, we are talking about Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats flavoured marshmallows.  It’s always good to support local.  Powder Monkey’s signature collection of extraordinary flavours infused into made from scratch marshmallows are a real game changer.  Popular favourites include: coconut, strawberry, vanilla, mint chocolate chip, coffee, and rose —just to name a few.  This holiday season we have all new treats in-store for guests, friends and family.  Our popcorn marshmallow treats are a fun and festive dessert for holiday parties.  Yes, the holiday’s just got a whole lot sweeter.  We loved the combination of flavours, strawberry marshmallows, chocolate and popcorn— we think you will too!  A delightful holiday snack for guests or to add to your hot cocoa bar.  

With New Year’s Eve almost here, I am already planning out a menu for my dessert bar.

Baking Tip: Really you just want the butter to melt into the popcorn before adding in the marshmallows.

In partnership with Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats. 

Holiday Gift Guide: Eco Conscious Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa, & Gifts Under $30

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! Time is just zooming by and before we know it, it will be Christmas.  ’Tis the season to be Merry & Bright. Yes, it sure is the most wonderful time of the year.  With that being said, it also happens to be the time of year when we seem to be moving at a rapid speed to accomplish all of our goals, tasks, deadlines, baking, decorating, hosting parties and holiday gift shopping. It can be overwhelming and rather stressful.  Some of us still have to start our Christmas shopping. (Yes, I am very 11th hour this year when it comes to gift shopping.)  To make things a little easier for those of you possibly still on the search for a gift for Secret Santa, Stocking Stuffers or even gifts for friends, family or a loved one we have got you covered with our holiday gift guide.   

Our eco conscious holiday gift guide is dedicated to supporting local, ethically made products, animal cruelty free makeup & skincare products, eco-friendly and sustainably made products.  To keep things budget friendly, we are sharing our favourite holiday gift ideas all under CI$30. Happy Holiday Shopping, xo  

Eco Chic Cayman Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for some last minute gift ideas? Our holiday gift guide has just the inspiration you are looking for.  Especially, if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts.

Gifts For The Foodie

1. Holiday flavours premium loose leaf tea by Tea Time in Cayman. Browse online to shop their teas and assortment gift baskets.  Some favourites include Christmas in Cayman, Fresh Peppermint, Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate Mint, Caramelicious,  Oh Natural – Peppermint, and One 345 Taste of Swanky.

2. Coconut marshmallows from Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats.  These are amazing in a cup of hot cocoa or coffee.  Powder Monkey has an array of delicious flavoured marshmallows like strawberry, peppermint, mint chocolate chip and vanilla just to name a few favourites. 

3. Laurel’s Pepper Jelly.  Add a little island spice to your holiday meals with Laurel’s homemade pepper jellies.  Special holiday flavours include: Pumpkin, Cranberry, Original, Sorrel, Green Jalapeño, Red Spicy Roasted Flakes, Double joy and Cranberry & Basil.  Homemade pepper jelly comes in both 4oz and 8oz jars.

4. Honey BBQ Plantain Chips and Blinking Hot Plantain chips from Powder Monkey.  The perfect holiday snack for guests. 

Gifts For The Hostess

1. 3 Girls and a Kiln, have a fabulous collection of handmade and hand painted pottery.  Their designs are island inspired making the perfect gift for the hostess.  A fabulous range of pottery from ornaments, to tea cups, coffee mugs, and decorative signs and more. 

2. Santa Claus is coming to town… Bee Line Designs makes awesome upcycled Christmas decorations by repurposing driftwood and painting them with the iconic Santa Claus. 

3. A great stocking stuffer gift idea are these adorable eco-friendly holiday inspired soaps by Cayman Scents. 

4. An absolute holiday favourite gift for any hostess is a scented candle.  These soy coconut shell candles are a must have, from Cayman Scents. 

Gifts For The Beauty

1.  Sometimes less is more.  A super neat gift for the beauty you know and love, is Lip Batter by Lucie and Pompette available at Le Visage.  It’s a 3-in-1  a plumper, gloss and balm.  It is an animal cruelty free, vegan and paraben free makeup product. 

2. Sara Happ’s Fabulous Lip Scrub! Is the ultimate exfoliant for your lips. Available at Le Visage. 

3. Here comes trouble… Double Trouble Mascara by Butter London.  Get ready to deck your eye lashes, available at Le Visage.  What we love about Butter London is Clean Ingredients. Good-for-you formulas. Always Cruelty-free.

4. Lemon Drop Truffle Buffer, by Soapy Bliss available at Le Visage. This buffer is natural with the sweet smell of Beeswax and Lemon essential oils. This is a perfect “wake up” exfoliator and moisturizer for your skin! Made with organic butters and oils. 

Gifts For The Fashionista 

1.  Add a little sparkle to your holiday outfit this holiday season.  Handcrafted Christmas tree earrings made with Swarovski crystals by Bee Line Designs.  

2. Living a charmed life, with this fabulous charm bracelet handcrafted by Bee Line Designs

3.  Beautiful necklaces with an eye-catching engraved pendant by Bee Line Designs

4. Get festive, with this fiesta bracelet handcrafted by Aglow. 

Gifts For The Stud

1.  Gentlemen that bottle of whiskey or tequila just got a whole lot cooler, with this awesome “booze” tag handmade by 3 Girls & a Kiln

2. A & R Soap by Triumph & Disaster, made of Almond milk that gently works with flakes of oat to massage the surface of your skin, rosehip oil treats, heals and protects. Available at Le Visage. 

3. Shearer’s Soap by Triumph & Disaster ‘Shearers Soap’ is safe for the environment, Gentle on skin and strong on the nose. Use Daily for a superb all over body exfoliation. Available at Le Visage

4. Bullocks by Cowshed Cracker filled with two of our best grooming essentials: Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser and Smooth Shaving Cream.  Made with natural ingredients.  Available at Le Visage. 

Gifts For The World Traveler

1.  One can’t go jet-setting without their trusty luggage tag.  The “ Wanderlust” luggage tag by Aglow is on point!  This tag is made from a vegan oilcloth like material. 

2. The travel inspired collection by Bee Line Designs, perfect for the world traveler to always be inspired to travel and have a little piece of home with them. 

3. Shine coin pouch by Aglow, a nifty gift for world traveler, with all the country-hopping and jet-setting coin purses are a great way to keep your coins of whatever currency safe and sound. 

4. How cute are these cupcake bath bombs? These minis are great for travel. Cupcake bath bombs by Soapy Bliss. Their Cupcake Bath Bombs are sweet treats.  Fizzy, moisture rich, skin softening, bath enhancing treat of deliciousness! Made with organic butters and oils, paraben free, sulphate free, and phthalate free.  An amazing little stocking stuffer! 


Happy Holidays, with love, xoxox