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Secret Santa: Gifts Under $10

This secret can’t be kept… For all of you who participate in the old tradition of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange, whether with your family, friends or coworkers consider picking up your Secret Santa present from the The Cayman Islands Humane Society Book Loft. I had a blast browsing the store for items that would make great gifts- everything is under $10. Most Secret Santa gift exchanges have a budget limit so this is a great place to go. Added bonus of Christmas cheer, all proceeds benefit the animals at the shelter. Checkout what items made the list. The Book Loft provides an array of gifts that make anyone’s eco friendly holiday gift guide.  All items were once loved by someone else, and now passed on to someone new to love them. Please support The Cayman Islands Humane Society Happy Shopping at the Book Loft! Merry Christmas! with love, from one animal lover to another, xo

Birthday Wishes, With Love xo

    On this lovely Sunday Morning, I am thankful to be celebrating another birthday.  My birthday wish this year, is more compassion and selflessness in the world.  A couple of years ago I started a tradition on my birthday, and that was donating to different charities.  The older I got, the less I was interested in presents for myself, but rather I wanted to focus on how I could give back.  God has truly blessed me, and there really are no gifts that I need, a lot of wants but no real needs.  I believe in blessing others with the blessings God has given me.  So for all of my lovely friends, and family who are reading this if you feel inspired to make a donation to one of the charities I have mentioned below in honor of my birthday please do.  It is far better that we give, even on a small scale, than to give nothing at all. Now, I would like to share with you the charities/ non-proift organizations I have …

Eco Pets: Repurposed Umbrella as raincoat

Photo Credit: Recycling Zychal Today I came across this amazing website  where you can purchase a custom made raincoat for your dog, made from a recycled/repurposed umbrella! There are other fabulous products, all made from recycled umbrellas. The products are eco-friendly and custom made, how great is that!  Bonus, these eco friendly products are made for animals.  You can also donate broken umbrella’s so that they can be recycled and repurposed.  It’s really inspiring to see that there are so many wonderful creative people in the world doing their part to better the environment and help animals.  Recycling Zychal donates a portion of the proceeds to animal helping organizations as well as initiating umbrella drives to help clean up the streets after storms.  Love it! from one animal lover to another xo P.S. Check out their blog:

Eco Pets: Travel… Must love dogs & travel

  Must love dogs and travel! A friend of mine sent me a link to this great website which sells a really neat product that allows you to travel with your pet dog in an eco friendly way.  You can travel eco friendly by riding your bicycle along with your dog.  How awesome is that!!! The product is called a buddyrider pet seat, and it is just the coolest thing ever! So if you are interested check out their website for more information.  Travel the eco chic way, be environment friendly and ride your bicycle.  Bonus your dog can join in on the fun.  Just think of the amazing time you will have spending the day riding your bike around the coast of Cayman with your dog enjoying the scenic route as much as you.  So forget the dog walk for one day and take your dog for a bike ride. with love from one dog lover to another xo   Bicycles and how they help the environment 1. Top reason for choosing to ride …