Eco Pets: Travel… Must love dogs & travel



Must love dogs and travel! A friend of mine sent me a link to this great website http://www.buddyrider.ca/index.asp which sells a really neat product that allows you to travel with your pet dog in an eco friendly way.  You can travel eco friendly by riding your bicycle along with your dog.  How awesome is that!!! The product is called a buddyrider pet seat, and it is just the coolest thing ever! So if you are interested check out their website for more information.  Travel the eco chic way, be environment friendly and ride your bicycle.  Bonus your dog can join in on the fun.  Just think of the amazing time you will have spending the day riding your bike around the coast of Cayman with your dog enjoying the scenic route as much as you.  So forget the dog walk for one day and take your dog for a bike ride.

with love from one dog lover to another xo



Bicycles and how they help the environment

1. Top reason for choosing to ride a bicycle whenever you can… It helps reduce carbon emissions.  Choosing to ride your bicycle even for just one day can reduce your carbon footprint by 20% every year.

2. Minimize your need and use of fossil fuels.

3. Bike riding reduces carbon emissions which means your helping improve air quality.

(Sources Going Green Today)

Check out this video to see dogs enjoying their eco friendly joy ride.