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Get The Skinny on Jeans… Their environmental impact.

    I love jeans, and must admit I own quite a few pairs.  A while back I was at a Green Living Expo and discovered that Levi’s is working towards making more eco friendly jeans.  It’s pretty cool what they are doing, using garbage, in particular plastic bottles, which are incorporated into manufacturing their jeans.  Here is a link which explains in more detail along with a short video about the process How to be Eco Chic with your jeans 1. Depending on where your jeans rip or tear, its possible you can do a little work and turn them into a stylish pair of distressed jeans without having to pay the expensive retail price. 2. Turn your long jeans into jean shorts- great for summer time. 3. Use the material from a few pairs of jeans you no longer wear or want and create reusable napkins. 4. Donate your jeans to a local thrift shop like the Cayman Islands Humane Society or NCVO.   When you go to purchase your next pair …

Eco Fashion: Para De Sol Cayman Islands

It is always lovely to hear about eco friendly products here in the Cayman Islands.  Back in April I had the pleasure of meeting Helene Anziska, the creative mind, along with her international design team, behind these lovely parasols.  Para De Sol creates beautiful and unique parasols that are eco friendly.  These lovely parasols are all ” handmade from beautiful rice paper, bamboo and cotton string. They are 100% environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.” (Para De Sol). When you get a chance visit their store and check out their eco chic and eco friendly parasols.  Set an eco fashion trend with your handmade parasol.  Support local and support sustainability.  These unique parasols are versatile they can be used for the beach, decorative, a gift or wedding accessory. Support Para De Sol visit their website and support Para De Sol on Facebook. Be sure to get your eco friendly parasol this summer for those long beach days. From one eco fashion lover to another xo

Eco Pets: Repurposed Umbrella as raincoat

Photo Credit: Recycling Zychal Today I came across this amazing website  where you can purchase a custom made raincoat for your dog, made from a recycled/repurposed umbrella! There are other fabulous products, all made from recycled umbrellas. The products are eco-friendly and custom made, how great is that!  Bonus, these eco friendly products are made for animals.  You can also donate broken umbrella’s so that they can be recycled and repurposed.  It’s really inspiring to see that there are so many wonderful creative people in the world doing their part to better the environment and help animals.  Recycling Zychal donates a portion of the proceeds to animal helping organizations as well as initiating umbrella drives to help clean up the streets after storms.  Love it! from one animal lover to another xo P.S. Check out their blog:

Improving the lives of others by donating old eyeglasses

Compassion is always in fashion, one way to be eco chic and help other’s is by donating an old pair of eyeglasses.  You can donate your used eyeglasses which you no longer use to the Cayman Islands Lion’s Club (Not in Cayman check your local Lion’s Club organization).  The Lion’s Club International has an amazing program whereby they collect old and used eyeglasses and recycle them by distributing them to those in need in developing countries. Fact: Over 4 million pairs of eyeglasses are thrown away each year in North America. Be eco chic and donate your used eyeglasses instead of tossing them in the trash.  There is someone in the world who would greatly appreciate a pair of eyeglasses and would benefit from your act of kindness.