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Apples + Pumpkins

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October is my favorite month of the year! I just love fall it is such a beautiful season, the leaves changing into rich earthy colors, burnt orange, gold, and rustic shades of red.  Part of all the fun, is its that time of year to go apple picking or searching out for that rich pumpkin to make your delicious Thanksgiving Day Pumpkin Pie! (Love, Love, Love Pumpkin Pie + Thanksgiving Day).   These simple joys in life I get to take advantage of in the lovely city of Toronto.  In Cayman, we are richly blessed with our trees lush green all year long.  My favorite time during fall back home, is that change in the air when hurricane season is over, and the nor’wester starts rolling in… The sea breeze becomes cooler and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is my memory of fall/winter back home.

Apple Picking is such a cool experience!  It is very humbling, not everyday do you get a chance to walk in the shoes of a farmer, or the wonderful dedicated workers of orchards.  Thank you to all the farmers and dedicated workers of orchards.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have such an abundant supply of organic fruits and vegetables.  Back home, in Cayman there are no orchards to go apple picking, but we do have amazing farmers.  Our agricultural fair, that happens every year around Easter, is probably the closest thing where you can see all the amazing produce the farmers have grown.

Farmers Market Wednesday’s at Camana Bay is such a treat!  So for everyone who wants to have more organic fruits and veggies on your plate, support your local farmers.  Support local, support sustainability.  We do much more for our economy by promoting and supporting our local farmers.

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Enjoy your locally farmed produced this weekend!

From one tree hugger to another, xo

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  1. The market at camana bay on wednesdays is great!!! For those who want to support local farmers & stick to a budget, grab a dozen fresh local eggs for $4 (medium)….and you can pick up a bunch of cayman grown morninga leaves for $2 from a farming couple at one of the stands to brew at home yourself (not that the brand mentioned isnt great….just a bit steep (no pun intended)!! Dont forget fresh seasonal fruit, greens, chemical free body goods & coconut oil…. non gmo goodness! How awesome is that:-)
    Note: farm fresh fruit don’t tend to last as long as store bought but there are great tips on pinterest on how to preserve them!

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