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Snapshots of the city…



Hello from Toronto! Traveling back and forth is always fun for me, as I simply love traveling and living in different places.  Recently, I have been able to test out my new camera, and take some great photos with the help of one of my very good friends.  I had a fantastic day exploring the city of Toronto while taking photos with a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer!


Today is a bit of a short but sweet post.  I just wanted to share with you some eco friendliness I found while running around the city taking snapshots of everything that interested me.

Eco Friendly Transport! Love to see that there are a lot of people in the city using bicycles to get around, and how cool is this bike! It has a repurposed wooden crate to carry stuff.  Just awesome!  It’s a tree hugger’s bicycle! 



Here are some snapshots of nature merging with the city.   I just love stumbling upon beautiful parks in a city, surrounded by historic buildings.

with love from one tree hugger to another, xo

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