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DIY: Eco Chic Photo Canvas


This Christmas, I am attempting to make more homemade gifts.  For your friends and family who love photos, a fun and easy project is transferring a photo onto a canvas.  After researching this on Pinterest (which has a wealth of information for DIY projects) I tried out a few different methods.  After some trial and error I finally found a method which worked for me.  For my photo transfer onto canvas, I choose one of my favorite photos of my mother and I which was taken on one of her birthdays.  Yep, the camera got me when my eyes were closed.  Nonetheless, I love this photo.

What You Will Need 

Canvas, photo, mod podge, paintbrush, and ribbon -which is optional-

Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1.

Paint the canvas with mod podge

Step 2.

Paint the back of the photo and then carefully place the photo onto the canvas.

Step 3.

Add a couple of layers of mod podge over the photo.  This creates a protective seal.

It will look like this.








Step 4.

Add a ribbon as a border.  Add mod podge on the back of the ribbon and then over the front of the ribbon.  Adding a ribbon as a border is optional.

Step 5.

Allow the photo canvas to dry for a few hours or overnight.  Voila you are done.












All the best and have fun!