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The 100th




The day has finally arrived, the 100th!  Cheers to writing my 100th post.  This is a huge milestone.  I have to admit, I never really thought that one day I would join the blogging world.  I am thankful to those who suggested that I should and encouraged me to do so.  I am very grateful to everyone of you, who follow my blog and read my posts, your support means the world to me!  

It has been an incredible journey diving into the world of blogging.  I am still learning about blogging everyday.  I aim to write the best that I can.  To run with my creativity and keep the content engaging and interesting.  My hope is that my posts will inspire.  When I first started this blog, just over a year ago, I never dreamed that it would reach the people that is has.  It was scary, the thought of putting myself out there, sharing my writing, photos, ideas, and creativity with the world.  I chose to write about something I am passionate about, the environment.  I am so very fortunate that my blog has been well received it keeps me both encouraged and inspired.  So, thank you! I feel extremely blessed. 

There are so many inspiring blogs out there, and amazing content to be swept away by and immerse yourself in.  For those of you who are veterans to the blogging community, thank you for paving the way, igniting inspiration and being mentors for us newbies.  For those of you thinking about starting a blog, go for it!  Run with your passion, write, create, inspire and share. I wish the newbies and lifetime bloggers success and happiness.  

with love, xo