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“He Have Founded Us Upon The Seas”










In Honor of Discovery Day, I decided to make some commemorative decorations.  In 1503, Christopher Columbus came across the beautiful islands known today as the Cayman Islands.  A place I call home.  Originally, Columbus named the islands “Las Tortugas,” due to the overwhelming amount of turtles swimming in the surrounding waters of the islands.   The phrase, “He Have Founded Us Upon The Seas” is written on our national flag, below the coat of arms.










Above is the second canvas, which has lyrics from the Cayman Islands National Song, “Beloved Isle Cayman,” written by the late Mrs. Leila Ross Shier, in 1930.

How I made it

What you will need: Canvas, parcel paper and tape.

To keep it as eco friendly as possible, I repurposed some canvas with parcel paper.  The parcel paper helped achieve a vintage or aged look.  I found a wonderful font for the print.  I printed the design and then wrapped the parcel paper around the canvas, pretty easy.


If you find yourself feeling inspired to do you own art project to commemorate the  day, have fun!

with love from one tree hugger to another, xo

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