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Saucha- Conscious Living


Today you all are in for a real treat!

Saucha- Conscious Living provides the Cayman Islands with one of the most delicious drinks on the market, Kombucha! A handcrafted, all natural, and loaded with health benefits drink, with an array of flavors to choose from. Each one is made with love, and organic ingredients straight from the local farmers market. Kombucha is only available at selected retail locations. It gets better! Saucha also creates to die for vegan tasty treats, OMG Cookie Dough Bites- trust me they are heavenly! It is wonderful to see that the community is embracing vegan food, and supporting local farmers and businesses.













Meet Britta!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Britta Bush, the fabulous lady behind Saucha- Conscious Living, to learn more about her amazing products. Britta is a proud supporter of the farmers market. Britta is well known by her friends to throw charming dinner parties, with an eco friendly vibe, and yummy homemade vegan meals. Britta completed her raw/vegan chef training with Matthew Kenney. Her love for food and parties has inspired her to cater special events as a personal chef serving up fantastic vegan meals. The inspiration to begin handcrafting Kombucha came from “good people and good food” says Britta. She saw a need for healthy alternatives and to expand vegan choices on the island. Britta handcrafts her line of Kombucha drinks. She is self taught and an inspiration to others. Britta ensures that her products are high quality, and from the local farmers market. In an instance when ingredients are unavailable at the farmers market, she uses high quality organic supplements. The heart of Saucha is found in the meaning behind the name: body, mind, heart and environment. These core principles are incorporated in the love, care and dedication she puts into making her products.


Cheers to the goodness of Kombucha!

Saucha Kombucha can be purchased at: Bliss (Exclusively sells the OMG Cookie Dough Bites), Kirks Supermarket, Bread & Chocolate, Island Naturals Cafe, The Greenhouse Cafe and The Brasserie. Enjoy!











Are you on the list?

Every Tuesday and Thursday (those on the list) receive locally sourced and plant based meals, personally prepared by Britta. If you are not on the list, you are missing out! Curious to know how to get this VIP treatment? Sign up for their weekly email by joining them on Facebook.








Giving Back

Britta is a former school teacher, and her love for children remains close to her heart. For a limited time only, for every bottle of Saucha Kombucha Cran Marnier purchased, $1 is donated to Feed Our Future, a non-profit organization. Their mission is to provide children in need school meals. According to Feed Our Future “current statistics show that over 20% of the enrolled Government School population for the Cayman Islands are being provided Government assisted lunches.” You can help this great cause and initiative by purchasing Saucha Kombucha Cran Marnier. Cran Marnier is made with holiday inspired flavors, perfect for this time of year.


In need of a retreat?

Oh yeah! Health is a major aspect of Saucha. Twice a year, January and June, Britta organizes a Little Cayman Yoga Retreat. At the retreat Britta shares her knowledge as a personal chef, offering cooking demos using only locally sourced ingredients. Bonus! Yoga on the sandy white beaches alongside the crystal clear turquoise waters.


Coming Soon!

It’s that time of year, Christmas! We are all in luck because Saucha- Conscious Living has us covered when it comes to eco friendly holiday gift ideas. Their very popular sugar scrubs and raw vegan truffles will soon be available. Stay tuned for their feature on the 12 Days of an Eco Chic Christmas.


with love, xo


Photo Credit: Britta Bush