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The Art of Baking From SCRATCH


My love for baking comes with my love and appreciation for simple ingredients. I believe that food should be gorgeous to look at and rich in flavour; balancing salty and sweet so the two work in harmony…I started off as a science major, pursuing a degree in structural engineering -but my passion for baking lead me down the path to make it a lifelong career; one I could make my own…from SCRATCH. – Brittanni Seymour

brittanni seymour

Brittanni Seymour, is a professional pastry chef.  Her background extends from being a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island to working as head gourmet pastry chef at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort.  Her experience has equipped her for the next stage in her career as a local business owner — pastry chef extraordinaire.  Her signature baking style is aesthetically beautiful and delectable desserts.  Brittanni is an inspiration to us all.  She proves that anyone with dedication and passion can achieve their dreams.  At the heart of her journey, Brittanni has proudly built her business from scratch— using the finest “ingredients” dedication, passion, creativity, strong work ethic and integrity.  The name of her company, “Scratch” beautifully embodies her journey of mastering the art of baking from scratch, and  building her company.  Her devotion to be hands on and take great care when creating something with her hands whether it is her assortment of gourmet desserts and transforming them into works of art, to running her company it has served her well.  A testimony that incredible things can be made from the process of learning and creating from scratch.

Treat Yourself 

Scratch” takes cake seriously – every cake and macaron we make is made with the most fresh and the finest ingredients just to be sure you enjoy the best dang cake experience you have ever had. No weird additives or preservatives included. -Brittanni Seymour


Fellow foodies and dessert connoisseurs get ready to indulge in a real treat.  Brittanni, founder of “Scratch” gourmet desserts offers a delightful selection of desserts with an array of flavors fantastic for birthdays, weddings, events and simply to just enjoy on regular day (everyday is an occasion for doughnuts and cake).  From doughnuts, to cupcakes, to macaroons, to cakes all are made with love, homemade and most importantly from scratch.  The dedication and care Brittanni adheres to when baking results in only the finest of ingredients being used.  When available ingredients are locally sourced.  Her desserts while decadent have a wonderful  sweet and refreshing lightness — they are not overdone with sugar by any means — they are the perfect balance of rich and light.  Great news for those of you who are vegan or have food allergies (gluten and dairy) Brittanni makes incredibly delicious vegan and gluten free doughnuts and other sweet treats.  There is something truly special about desserts made from scratch. Somehow, you can always tell when something is made from scratch, you can just taste it.  Homemade desserts and pastries have a wonderful sweetness about them and the quality is just splendid. You really just can’t beat desserts and pastries made from scratch— they are absolutely the best.


Let Them Eat Cake 


To make a custom order for your next batch of doughnuts, macaroons, cupcakes or a cake for any celebration contact Brittanni.

Brittanni Seymour


Tel: 1-345-923-0081

Bet You Can’t Eat Just One!


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