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Peripherals: Sights On Making A Difference

“We love being active, creative, inspiring others and being inspired by others. We are artists, surfers, stand up paddle boarders, kite boarders and more. The beach, having fun and being on the water is a big part of our lives. We live on a Caribbean island and appreciate every single day and hope to make an impact in a positive way.” -Douglas Cameron

Compassion Is Always In Fashion

Douglas “JR” Cameron is a co founder of Peripheral Life & Style’s Sunglasses, a company specializing in sunglasses that give back to the community, along with co founder Kristen Cousins.  Peripheral Sunglasses have a signature style, capturing the essence of island vibes, setting them apart from the crowd.  These hip shades with their vibrant color lenses can be customized with logos to support charities and causes both locally and internationally.  At the heart of Peripherals they take pride in being socially aware and giving back to the community.  Their mission is,“to empower individuals or groups to overcome social and financial boundaries to achieve their goals and dreams!” says, Douglas Cameron.  It is all about supporting a dream lifestyle.  Peripherals ultimately supports all kinds of lifestyles such as: health, fitness, travel, art, environmentalism, education and more.  They work alongside various charities providing them support and empowering them to raise awareness and funds.  Each pair of exclusive sunglasses designed for any given charity sold, 50% of the proceeds goes directly to that cause.  Bonus! Any pair of sunglasses from their signature line and other collections sold, 50% of the proceeds can be allocated to a cause of the purchasers choice should they choose to do so.  Some of the local charities they support are: Feed Our Future, Cayman Islands Humane Society, Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Cayman Islands Diabetes Association, Crossfit, Blue Iguana Recovery Program and National Trust for the Cayman Islands.  A new addition to the list of causes they support is Sea Shepherd The M/V John Paul Dejoria.  For the full list of causes they support please click here.

Shop For A Cause

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses 

When you shop at Peripheral Life & Style’s Sunglasses  any pair of sunglasses from their signature collections 50% of your purchase can go to a charity or cause of your choice.  As a socially aware company, they focus on being eco-conscious.  Based in the Cayman Islands, owner Douglas Cameron is an avid surfer and has great respect and appreciation for the ocean, island life and the natural beauty of this Caribbean island he calls home.  A love for the ocean inspires him to make a product that is environmentally responsible.  Peripherals signature series is eco-friendly! They are handmade Italian sunglasses that are plant based keeping them planet friendly.  All of their sunglasses are not petroleum based.

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Photo Credit: Kristen Cousins and Peripheral Life & Style