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One Man’s Trash, Is Another’s Recycled Art

Marc Laurenson, local artist and cofounder of Stoak’d Cayman, is starting a new art movement in the Cayman Islands.  He is bridging his passion for art with conservation.  Specifically, he is repurposing materials that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill or recycle bins (depending on the product) into his canvas and transforming trash into bold artwork. One of his pieces in his new collection was constructed entirely from Coca Cola products.  Another, was made from Heineken products.  Marc’s newly inspired artwork, creates great statement pieces and an interesting commentary on consumerism.  It illustrates the impact marketing and advertising have on our society.   Consumerism has essentially become a major component of our culture.  We are constantly bombarded with marketing and advertisements pushing us to buy more, consume more products.  Marc’s artwork made entirely of consumer products forces us to examine the amount of products we consume and purchase on a daily basis.  Moreover, it highlights the urgency there is for us all to collectively make the effort to recycle, repurpose or reuses products whenever possible.  We all need to do our part in reducing the amount products that end up in landfills.  Unfortunately, consumerism has a dark side, whereby products such as those made from plastic (though it can be recycled) when not recycled it adds to environmental problems.  For instance, the havoc wreaked on the ocean when plastic degrades in the ocean. Or, mistakenly plastic items are viewed as food by marine life.  Marc’s artwork made from products that are recyclable or non-recyclable urges us to be more socially aware of the impact our consumer habitats impose on the environment.  His recyclable artwork encourages us as a community to join the movement to recycle, to reduce the amount of products that end up in the landfill.  As well as, keeping trash out our environment and ocean.  Marc’s collection of recyclable art is an inspiration to other artists to use art as a catalyst for change and to help make a difference.  Art is a powerful tool to create awareness and to spark conversation.  His inspiring collection invites artists to a call of action, to use their artwork to voice environmental concerns and encourage positive change that leads to the betterment of our environment.

Q&A With Marc Laurenson from Stoak’d Cayman

What inspired you to create recyclable artwork?

My wife and I where traveling Europe on our anniversary and in Paris, France we stopped by a gallery and in the window was the most amazing recycled artwork portrait. At the time we were looking for a new style.

What statement or message would you like your artwork to say about the environment? 

I want our art pieces to inspire other artists. A lot of artists here in Cayman paint canvases. I would love to see people come out of their comfort zone and experiment with mixed media. Was the best choice I made.

What are your thoughts on the amount of products you were able to find to use as material for your artwork and this project? 

The products are endless. Im looking for more companies to get involved and donate advertising / recycling material to us so we can show Cayman what we can do. We would also like to start a recycling program for other artists to pop by and take what they want to make their own art pieces.

I also try and look at trash in a different way. Can it be salvaged? What can I do with it. My wife thinks I’m a hoarder as my art room now is full with materials that I can use for art pieces. I now just need the time to make them. If anyone reading this would like to be apart of the recycling movement please contact us at we would love to chat to you and collaborate.

Photo Credits: Marc Laurenson, Stoak’d Cayman