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Stoak’d About Pop Art, Fashion & Supporting Local

Kevin Mounsor and Marc Laurenson are two cool dudes who have built a Pop Art inspired: art gallery, clothing line and design company known as Stoak’d Cayman.  Their combined talent has lead to the success of their business including trendy art pieces capturing pop culture in their own signature style as well as fashionable clothing.  The dream team is an inspiration for both aspiring and established artists, demonstrating the power of artistic collaboration and hard work.  Marc Laurenson originally came up with the idea of Stoak’d while living in Australia. Later, he moved to the Cayman Islands and after meeting up with Kevin Mounsor and talking about art and Stoak’d over a couple of drinks they decided to team up to and combine their talent and machines to build their pop art inspired design company.  Since then, they have made their mark on Cayman’s local art scene.

Bamboo Skate Sunglasses

Stoak’d Cayman has added to their fashion collection a line of cool shades that are eco-friendly.  They have combined their passion for fashion with an eco-conscious mindset.  The design is a simple statement piece.  Staying true to their love for pop art, the eco-friendly sunglasses has pops of bright colors. Their line of Skate Sunglasses are made from Bamboo, which is a sustainable resource.  They come in 5 different color lenses and are polarized.  These stylish sunglasses are perfect for island life and also planet friendly.

Q&A with Kevin Mounsor and Marc Laurenson

1.What inspired you both to start Stoak’d designs?

K.M.:  Marc contacted me a couple of years ago when I started a fanpage for ‘Cayman Artists’, we had some drinks and then discussed how he  had started his own called Stoak’d way back when, but never went anywhere with it. So after more drinks we came to an agreement that we had the combined talent and the machines to get this off the ground as a proper design company.  (We miss you Billy Bones).

2. What is the meaning behind the Stoak’d name?

M.L: I was in Australia when I unofficially started Stoakd. I did an art piece for my friend and when she received the piece she was so happy and she said “I’m so stoked!” I used that as my name and I intentionally misspelled Stoakd as I wanted the but sadly right now steve from Oakland has it and I’m hoping one day he wont use it anymore and will let me have

* Their website currently is

3. How would you describe your style of art? 

K.M.: Think that is one of the best things about the Stoak’d combination, is that we have a few things in common when it comes to the art.  But we also have different styles, My style is how ever the mood takes me, I’m a big fan of the Disney and love my comics but in the end I do like to make it up as i go along. Sometimes we can rub off on each other with Marc’s perfection will show in a piece of mine, but then i’ll do something like flick paint on it and then its finished.

M.L.: My art is iconic pop art. I rarely ever use shading. I keep to block colours. I like my art to be bright and in your face. I like it to stand out and be a conversation piece in any household.

4. What are your influences when designing a new t-shirt design and a canvas piece? 

K.M.: For me, we want to be new and inspirational but sometimes it doesn’t work that way, the t-shirts is just a great way to offer something  to Cayman Residents that they can wear at the beach or out and about. We like to be local but with some commercialization, i guess.  One of our best shirts last year was Darth Vader face With ‘Who Ya Daddy Is’ which people love and recognize, this year’s hit during the Red Sky At Night was the ‘Straight Outta Cayman’ Shirt, so we like to keep it local with a little twist of the bigger world.   The artwork is always a toss up of what is going on with commissioned work vs fun stuff, but either way, as long its my style the customer is buying then i’m all for it.

M.L.: My customer and their wants and needs come first. Lately I haven’t made any art pieces for myself as we have been asked constantly for commissions. When I do my own art pieces for myself, I like to push myself in a direction I haven’t been before to see how well I can complete the piece. If I enjoy it I will do a few more if I didn’t enjoy it I will move onto something else.

5. Which artist(s) inspire you the most?

 K.M.: As I said Im a big fan of the Disney, but I also go to the reverse of that, Frank Miller (creator of Sin City), Bruce Timm ( Creator Of The Batman Animated Series), they as a whole changed the game and the way we see characters especially Bruce Timm, Walt for the way we see animation now, even in the olden days, the lengths he went to.  One Artist that got me into being a bit more random was a  gentlemen Called VOKA, his collection of Spontaneous Realism was unreal in my eyes. Hence why I tried my hand at it to create my piece ‘Charlie’ which is in for the Poinciana Awards this year.

M.L.: The artists that I like the most are: DFACE, Obey, Bustart, Hydro 74 and Butcher Billy.

They are all pop art artists with totally different styles. I practice with my designs to see if I can make an image in their style.

Stoak’d to Shop

The Artwork

Their gallery holds a range of iconic Pop Art and Pop Culture inspired artwork.  Some pieces in their collection are Cayman inspired with their signature pop art style and flare creating unique pieces of artwork.  Click here to shop

Hip Clothing 

Their clothing line has a collection of t-shirts for kids and adults with prints of iconic pop art images, pop culture, comic characters and other cool designs.  Stoak’d Cayman also creates custom designs and prints.  Click here to shop

Support Local

Browse their website to view their gallery of artwork and fashion line.

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