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Eco Eats: Thanksgiving Favourite Eats


Thanksgiving Day is one of my favourite holidays! A wonderful time for friends and family to come together and make new memories during a fantastic dinner.  It is also a time for reflecting on what we are thankful for.  It’s always been a tradition at Thanksgiving Dinner and/or Friendsgiving for everyone sitting around the table to say one thing they are most thankful for.  Through all the good and bad that has happened this year, there is still so much to be thankful for.   

When it comes to the holidays, the main attraction is always the dinner table garnished with chic decorations and tasty treats.  ’Tis the season to start whipping up in the kitchen some old fashioned favourite holiday dishes.  Here are some of our favourite Thanksgiving side dishes, drinks and desserts.  Whenever possible, support local.  Some local favourites making their way to our Thanksgiving Dinner are Coconut Marshmallows from Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats and Cayman Thanksgiving Tea from Tea Time in Cayman 

Blood Orange & Cranberry Sauce 


Ingredients: 1 bag of cranberries, 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1 blood orange

How To Make It: Heat cranberries in water on medium heat.  Add in brown sugar, orange zest and blood orange juice. Stir until sauce has melted into jelly and is bubbling in pot. 

Kale & Pecan Savoury Salad


Ingredients: Kale, 1/2 cup pecans, 2 teaspoons butter  (allergy friendly), and 3 teaspoons brown sugar.

How To Make It:  Add butter to pan on medium heat.  Add in pecans and brown sugar, stir for a couple of minutes and then add in kale.  Cook 3-5 mins.  

Butternut Squash with Coconut Marshmallows


Ingredients: Butternut squash, garlic powder, 2 teaspoons butter (allergy friendly), rosemary and Powder Monkey Coconut marshmallows.

How To Make It: Season butternut squash with garlic powder, rosemary and butter.  Roast butternut squash for 45 mins at 350 degrees.  For the last 8-10 minutes add in coconut marshmallows to melt into butternut squash. 

Whiskey Chocolate Bomb with Coconut Marshmallow

Ingredients: Chocolate ganache, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Powder Monkey Coconut marshmallows.

How To Make It:  The chocolate ganache is a family recipe (Sorry, the recipe is under wraps). Place your own chocolate ganache into a whiskey shot glass, add a little whiskey and top with coconut marshmallow from Powder Monkey.  Let it sit for 10 mins for the whiskey to infuse into chocolate and marshmallow.

Cayman Thanksgiving Tea made by Tea Time in Cayman


Nothing like a delicious cup of tea served at the end of a fabulous dinner party.  Cayman Thanksgiving, premium loose leaf tea by Tea Time in Cayman is a holiday favourite!  Brew tea as per instructions on packet or to liking.  Personally, I like to add in a little almond milk.  Enjoy, xo 


Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, xo