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International Women’s Day: Inspiring Women Helping The Planet

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March), I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the amazing work these inspiring women are doing to help the planet.  I am honored to know each of them. I am thankful for their friendship and the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate with them on various projects.  In their own way, they are making a positive impact for the betterment of the environment.  They inspire me daily.  I have great admiration for their strong work ethic and accomplishments.  In the spirit of sisterhood, we rise by lifting others up.  That being said, it is important that we recognize, celebrate and support the work of those who inspire us.  I am so proud of these ladies!  I  know that they will continue to do amazing things, inspiring others along the way.  I can’t wait to share the incredible work these women are doing around the world.

Ellen Cuylaerts

“Men and women are different! That does not mean they should be treated differently. Let’s focus on being good in what we do, following our passions not defined by gender, physical strength or limits. If we all think out of the box, we might focus on the positives of our differences instead of the negatives and combine our strength to be movers and shakers in a world that needs action!”- Ellen Cuylaerts

One of my personal heroes is Ellen Cuylaerts.  I am so grateful for her mentorship, support, and encouragement.  I am so proud of Ellen’s accomplishments.  Ellen is an award-winning photographer, explorer, diver, and conservationist.  Ellen combines her passion for photography with her dedication for conservation to educate communities globally about the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems and endangered wildlife.  

2. Taryn Larock    

Taryn Larock, is a sustainable luxury fashion designer and founder of Sage Larock.  SAGE LAROCK was founded in 2015 and is based in Los Angles, California.  Taryn is dedicated to creating fashion that is both stylish and sustainable.   As an ocean lover, Taryn is committed to using sustainable fashion as a platform to raise ocean awareness.  SAGE LAROCK’s sustainable luxury swimsuit line is made from ECONYL yarn, that is made from upcycled fishing lines and marine plastic debris.  A portion from their sales proceeds goes directly towards NGO’s HealthySeas.org,  Ghost Divers and NGO Canopy.

3. Kelsie Bodden

Someone asked me what goal I wanted to achieve using my platform. Simply put, I wish to get others to start thinking about how their everyday actions affect the environment. I would like to inspire others to act more consciously. To start thinking about whether that straw is necessary or what happens when you dispose of tires and batteries incorrectly. I would like to inspire others to live environmentally responsible with or without a law that says it is necessary.

I am blessed to be from an island that I believe has beauty like no other but I am more blessed to live on a planet that has many treasures. 🌎 🌍 🌏 The earth is the one thing we all have in common and we should all be working together to sustain it.”- Kelsie Bodden

Kelsie Bodden is the current reigning Miss World Cayman Islands.  Kelsie is using her reign as Miss World Cayman Islands as a platform to work with local environmental non-profit organizations in the Cayman Islands to raise awareness about local environmental issues.  Recently, Kelsie took Plastic Free Cayman’s 345 Pledge to show her commitment to reducing her use of single-use plastic.  To further raise awareness, Kelsie shares her plastic-free journey on her blog, click here to read more.  Kelsie is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.    

4. Sharron Eyers

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Sharron Eyers

Sharron Eyers (a self-confessed lover of skincare & make-up) is the creator/owner of one of Cayman’s most luxurious cosmetics & skincare boutique located in Camana Bay. The store opened in 2010 with only 2 brands and has now expanded to 22 brands. When selecting the brands Sharron does her very best to bring cruelty-free and high-end brands that are unique to her store. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and creating a unique shopping experience like nowhere else.

5. Brittany Balli

Brittany Balli is an ocean conservationist devoted to coral reef conservation and restoration in the Cayman Islands.  As a diver, Brittany has a tremendous love for the ocean, knowing first hand the beauty that resides in this magical underwater world.  Brittany is a co-founder of Eco Divers Reef Foundation and is dedicated to their Coral Nursery Program.  Cayman’s Coral Nursery Program has proven success in helping revitalize fragile and damaged local reefs.  Their coral reef restoration program welcomes volunteers and students passionate about preserving Cayman’s coral reefs.